I Do Not Have Much Variety About My Daily Meal



I have a very low appetite due to the nauseatic side-effects of my Parathyroid medicine but I am still having cravings. It is just frustrating that I could not possibly cook anymore so I am ending-up with foods that my mother would fix for me.

Now it is maybe my third time that I will be having a corned beef viand. It still of course tastes good (It's a Palm brand) but my diet just lacks variety. I couldn't have salads or other dishes because my mother simply are not inclined to cook them.

Right now I am craving for a crispy pork leg, even with a pork crackling and fresh if possible. My parents just cannot go easily to markets right now because of the still ongoing lockdown because Senior Citizens are prohibited to go out to buy things or even necessities, they have to have some person that they can get as a representative to buy their needs.

My sister was the one we are using to buy our supply and even them are not yet permitted to go outside of our town to buy our foodstuffs and other supply.

Well anyway this is just my life and I feel like I am living in a prison but even prisons have variety with regards to their meal. It is just hard to live with people that cannot cook and that is just my frustration right now and yes definitely I am very sad about it.

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