Daily Crypto Tarot All Zodiacs📰

11개월 전

Aries 1:53 A little opposition today. Looks like you may not win the little skirmish; adding money to the equation won't make you feel better. Save your money within the situation.

Taurus 3:30 Not much coming your way today. But if it does it's going to matter.

Gemini 6:20 You'll have to stop someone from cutting the rope and running. It's been fun but, there will be more work on hands if this person leaves.

Cancer 8:09 Today hodl through and don't let this carnal nature get to you. Don't spend money on this particular indulgence.

Leo 10:27 Losing sight at some of the fun today. Take a deeper look at where happiness come from. Re-examine where you seek happiness. Seems you make have a skewed view on happiness.

Virgo 12:27 Disconnected from your intuition. Spending more time on in a small pond. Sit back and realize what you know. Think your way out of this.

Libra 14:19 Partnering welcomes home a fast incoming. Celebratory energy. It's ok to put your guard down a little. Today is going to be an ok day.

Scorpio 15:57 Tired. Drained. In a quite comfy place. Stubbornness leads to gains in crypto today.

Sagittarius 17:42 Heading in to face the opposition. Ready to face the dualities presented. Risk of burnout today and a little more courage is need for the day.

Capricorn 19:00 Climbing up the ladder to take the helm. A little oversight is warranted and complete control will be a success.

Aquarius 21:30 That's a bad investment. All the funds will spent on/in the contract. No gains.

Pisces 22:55 Going by your gut =feeling Feelings that come true
Making decisions without discernment = flying by the seat of your pants.
Those are the two differences.

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