The Missing Ingredient

3개월 전

Just another ramble...

There is so much information. So much data. As soon as we think we know something, we learn something new. Weird.

Why are some things theories and other things not?

Why does the observer effect in physics fascinate me? Why does the placebo effect fascinate me? Why has the saying 'ignorance is bliss' fascinate me? What is confidence, why is it so important?

It is trendy and easy to say we humans are stupid. We destroy the planet, we destroy the living things on it. We alienate ourselves we bully ourselves.

I will die believing that humans are beautiful and amazing. Nobody will tell me otherwise.

We are made of mostly water. What does that mean? How does this impact us truly?

When it comes to the drawings in Egypt and other ancient drawings we are usually told by others what they mean. Why the hell is that? As I grow up I realize those things are many times up for interpretation. They're just drawings. Doesn't anyone realize how kind of insane that is?

Then when it comes to sciences and observing images of any sort, it is very easy to wonder if what we think we know is reality or not.

I believe the majority of everything in life is debatable. I mean honestly, what is true science anyway? Science is awesome, don't get me wrong, but its also very mysterious and kind of shady.. Science is like a weird creepy businessman.

Science indeed may have mad a grave and kind of obvious error at least in my bro-science mind anyway. As hippy and tree-hugging as it may sound, Humans are a part of earth. A part of science. A part of earth as much as a volcano or a tree is a part of earth. Our own bodies are like a crazy series of chemical reactions. I suppose not many scientists thought that a human doing an experiment is essentially a random complex ingredient (the human body) attempting to do science with other ingredients, while not realizing that it's own complex ingredient could be impacting the ingredients it's trying to learn about.

I am just a guy, I understand I did like zero research. Whatever. This is the beauty of blogging and freedom of speech I guess. Don't like it? Don't read.

So this is why I am beginning to trust my instincts more than ever without being a total fool (hopefully). I am learning to have faith in myself more and more each day.

I am just going to keep things simple. Stay safe and positive everybody. Being positive can help us stay healthy and strong! The media wants to always tell us how bad anxiety and stress can be, try thinking about what positivity can do for you!!!

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