Call to order (returning to work on steemit)


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I was going through my phone this evening and I came across the link to this post, I actually ignored it at first because I'd almost lost all interest in steemit and blogging generally. The sudden loss of interest wasn't so sudden actually, it was caused by a number of factors.

Factors like the little or no reward I get on my posts, I started to realize that steemians weren't curating anymore, most of my posts would always end up with 0.8$ or less sometimes.

I figured that these factors were influenced by the bear market and for the first in the not so long time I've been on steemit, it lasted really really long and it affected me a lot more than I thought it would have.

Like I said earlier, it affected my rewards and the comments on my posts. Little or no rewards meant little or no money, no money meant less food (and other things of course), less food meant less happiness(Jk though, I love food), I had to find another source of income.

The "comments" aspect also affected me because there was little or no interactions on my posts, I was starting to doubt my abilities, I thought maybe I was doing something wrong, I couldn't get myself to write for almost a month, it was terrible. After a while, I snapped out of it and I wrote again, I just posted on my whatsapp and instagram and I got really good feedbacks, that was when I realized that it wasn't me, it was steemit.

As much as I like writing, the reward system and the community were the things that made steemit steemit, so when I stopped getting comments and rewards on my posts, it was really discouraging and I slowly abandoned my blog, I haven't posted in about two months.

The bear market taught me to look for other means of income, you know, not to put all my eggs in one basket. It also taught me the importance of saving, if I'd saved during the bull market, I would have been able to survive the bear market.

Anyway, after I finally clicked the link and went through the post, I realized that this might be the revolution I'd been waiting for. Maybe steemians would finally return to their blogs and it'll feel like a community again. So I decided to participate in this project.

While I was away, I focused more on my school work and I even started a food business, I'll bring details later. But it seems like steemit is calling back and I'm ready to answer.

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Welcome back baby. I hope you stay