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Ade mi,

Don't you think it's funny how a little bitterness can ruin several years of happiness.

How all the good memories can become the poison that slowly rots your mind.

You're wrong though, our love isn't waning, it's completely gone, replaced with pain and hatred.

It wasn't gradual as you might think, it was very sudden.

Like dropping salt in water, it dissolved, except it wasn't sweet.

I remember how looking into your eyes made every other thing fade away.

Now looking into your eyes, all I can think about is how to make them cry.

Yes I remember our first kiss, the way our lips collided and like a stone dropped in water, it sent ripples down my spine.

I remember the night we danced under the moonlit sky, the way your body rhythmically responded to mine.

It was magic.

I remember the cold nights that weren't so cold because your body was against mine producing the warmth of a thousand suns.

But I also remember the night I caught you in our bed with Ajoke, or was it Folake, I can't seem to tell them apart.

I remember the way you touched her lips before you kissed them, you know, the way you do to me.

The way your fingers locked in hers as you defiled our bed.

You didn't even know I was standing there, you were too busy sharing our love with Asake.

And you wonder why you no longer find a spark in my eyes when you smile.

You wonder why your mornings are met with incessant curses and insults.

I remember how you used to call me your angel, well that's one thing you got wrong cause Ade mi....

I'm your worst nightmare.

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Wow! This was beautiful @darkmayhem. You need to edit the names....asake, folake and ajoke should all start with capital letters.
Loves this though.


I love it♥️