"My heart bleeds"

2년 전


"My heart bleeds"

That was all I could say as I watched the woman of my dreams walk out of my life. A thousand words filled my throat but only three escaped "My heart bleeds".

And truly, my heart bled.

She walked away and didn't even look back once, I watched painfully as she faded into the night, the sting of the cold didn't hurt as much as my heart did, the pain slowing contaminated all the good memories, minute by minute, second by second. I relived the past few years over and over again on that same spot. It felt like my organs were being ripped out and replaced over and over again.

I couldn't just stand there and do nothing, I couldn't let my future walk out on me, I needed to talk to her, I needed to say a lot more than three words. She needed to know how much she meant to me, how much I cared, she needed to know I wasn't made of stone, that I wasn't born with a cold heart, cause how could a cold heart feel this much? How could someone made of stone break so easily?

I followed the trail of pain and disappointment and it led me straight to her and a pool of blood, I was too late.

Words are useless now.

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Lawd! Did she have to die! @darkmayhem happy endings please!! Beautiful writing though.



Lol..you know what they say, "it's never a good story until someone dies"

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