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Since I already payed for the apartment, all I had to do was move in, but first, I needed to repaint the place, especially the ceiling with the weird writings.

Moving wasn't going to be too hard since I already dropped my things off at my friend's place. His place was about three houses away from mine, you're probably already wondering who this friend is, who am I kidding, you don't even know who I am yet. I could start with a "my name is Barry allen, and I'm the fastest man alive" kind of introduction, or I could let you just figure it out as the story continues.

I left my friend's place to go and withdraw some money to buy paints, there was a really long queue, it took me about 30 minutes to withdraw. Maybe I'm exaggerating a little, just maybe. The moment I got to the paint shop, a call came in. A smile grew on my face as I saw who it was from.

"Hey baby, I was just about to call you"

"No you weren't" she replied laughing, I could almost see the smile on her face.

"Hahaha, it's good that you called though, I'm at the paint shop"

"Really?" She said with so much excitement in her voice.

"Yes really, what colors should i...."

"Purple and white, wait no! Blue and white, not the regular blue, ask for mint blue, it will add a certain shine to the walls, or you could ask for navy blue..."

"Purple and white, got it!"

"Haha, I knew you stopped listening at purple", she said laughing. "I'll come over with the brushes", she added.

"Okay, see you soon".

I bought the mint blue and white paint, although I think the man just gave any blue paint he had. I got to my apartment few minutes later with the buckets of paint "no terrible singing today", I whispered as I opened my door. The place was a mess, just like it was the last time. I dropped the buckets of paint and did a little arranging, it was all going to get scattered in the process of painting anyway.

I went around looking for something I could stand on to reach the ceiling, after a while of searching, I found a bench outside, it looked high enough so I took it inside. I set the bench down beneath the 'affected' ceiling, I stood on it and tried to touch the ceiling. Just before my hand could touch it, I had a dizzy spell, everything became blurry and I felt my head shutting down, it was as if oxygen was being sucked out of my head.

Despite the fact that everything was fading, I was determined to touch it, I was starting to hear a faint sound, it sounded like knocking. Someone was at the door, the knocking became louder and the dizzy spell just disappeared, I was suddenly feeling fine. I got down from the bench and approached the door, without asking who was there, I flipped it open.

There was nobody there, I looked left and right, there was no sign of anyone, it was awfully quiet, I rushed down the hallway to check if the person was leaving already, but there was no one. A familiar chill ran down my spine, and goosebumps rose as if to complete the feeling.

to be continued....

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Want to know the end already, this is great plus suspense. Well done!


Hehe..thanks for reading.

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Lawd! This is gonna be a horror story to bahd! Why did you keep us waiting for so long before dropping this sequel.



Hehe, dramatic pause😈