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Previously on UNDER

I heard rustling and footsteps that got louder by the second but I didn't really pay enough attention to look back, I was too busy staring. Something grabbed my shoulder, I was suddenly returned to consciousness, more like scared to consciousness.


It was my little brother, "mum said I should check if you were here" he said breathing like he had just finished a marathon, he's quite the playful one. I miss him.

"You're not going to tell her I was here are you?" I asked as I stood up hastily, a sinister smile grew on his face, "you can have my dinner" I said before he had the chance to ask. We walked back home through the path that almost directly leads to our house, almost, because there's an abandoned house right before ours.


The house smelled like rusty leaves and wet books, I always wondered what happened there, people say that it belonged to a family that got missing near the ocean. Apparently, their daughter went missing, then the parents, when they went after her.

Home sweet home, I was welcomed with the sweet smell of my mum's food, my stomach growled in delight, almost as if it knew what treasures awaited it. My mum was leaving the kitchen with her food, "your food is in the kitchen" she said as we both walked in. We hurried into the kitchen as if the food was going to escape, then I realized, we were rushing for different reasons. Caleb grabbed his plate of food and mine too, such a nice little brother right? yeah no...remember when I promised to give him my dinner? yeah I shouldn't have done that.

His smile haunted me as he walked away with my plate of mouth watering goodness, the sweet aroma faded as he made his way into his room.

To be continued...

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Nice but no more short stories love, you didn't give us any new info except that he had a little brother. Seriously?!