That Sly called Time

2년 전

We celebrated time, whist it stole from us.


Time stole our youth, and we had no idea, until years later, when we discovered how much better it had always been.

We made mistakes and have now come to probe ourselves, mooting on the ever eluding what if.

The times, when we hoped for now, came.

Now, what we’d do for the times.

With graying hairs, and flailing flesh, we have come to see how slued by the clock we have been. We shouted joyously at the dawn of a new year, and smiled at the dawn of a new day.

The clock, ticking, didn’t matter then.

The days, passing, had no much effect on us – none that we could notice anyway. We always had something to do, and time never seemed to come soon enough.

Alas, days sped to months, which in turn fled to years, until it ran into decades.

Now we look into the mirror, and wonder when time passed.

But we don’t think too deep into it, until we come across the bane of our existence.

Old photos.

Everything was way better, we conclude.

The music, more soulful.
The air, fresher.
The earth, more habitable.

And then there was technology.

With it, things only just became easier. Until it became harder.

Everything became harder with Technology: Communication, Trust, and even finding happiness – now it only takes a scroll through your Instagram feed to lapse into existential crisis.

Time deceived us.

Made us get comfortable with the unnecessary, and made us bother for nonsensicalities. Blinded by our misled sense of timing, we did all in the wrong arrangement. Placed our priorities in the wrong order.

Made us chase our tails, looking for things that we never kept.

Time tricked us.

Made us believe we had all of it (time) to last a lifetime, made us unappreciative of people who meant a lot to us, thinking they’d always be there.

But they weren’t.


That Sly called Time, swindled us.
And unwittingly, we let it.

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The sly called time...I enjoyed this post because it was beautifully written. However it left me with a sad feeling because it so vividly captures how I have unwittingly let time steal my time. Even though I am a better manager of my time right now, I can't help sighing over the irretrievably lost times of my life.


I can't help sighing over the irretrievably lost times of my life.

You shouldn't, because you'd just be wasting time on wasted time😔

It's a good thing you know your priorities now, just focus more on the present, that's what's important.

So cheer up, okay?🙃


Yeah. No use crying over spilled milk right? Thanks. I'm cheered up already.

I don't care.


If forever did exist 😁

yeah, but i still wished i were younger


Who doesn't ? 😌

But what does it matter anyway...time's hand would keep on moving, and you'd still wound up old😥

Time's got us locked. 😏

You are so right, but you know i blame our parents a little bit, they helped us conceive the spirit in our minds that there's still time or are you familiar with this line that goes, dont worry read your books now, theres time to play later sometimes i look around and ask, is this the play later i wanted back then? Then i caution myself. Now is what weve got


Don't blame them...they're victims too 😔

You're right, we have now...had now, now is a moment (which just passed).

We don't even have was a milli-second ago. We only have this moment.


I'd stop rambling now.


Lol your sweet rambling, and it just passed, the moment i saw it and laughed. Everything is just a passing