Article - Why the weather is as it is from day to day!

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Everything you perceive in the weather is a consequence of the energy in the sun. The sun is the center in our solar system!

All the variations you find in the weather different places at the earth, have something to do with the energy in the sun, which has a different and a similar force from time to time. And therefore, the weather is different from day to day, or the weather is the same from day to day!

The relativity theory from Albert Einstein, has something to do with explaining the energy. It comes from the mass multiplied by the speed of light squared! Hence, Einstein explained the forces of the sun, and why we humans can live our lives here, and why we find animals and a living biology at the earth. And there has been a fascinating history for the earth, and we should try to explain everything with science!

But why is the weather as it is from time to time? All things have something to do with the distributions of the energy from the sun. You find winds at the earth coming from different places, and going to different places. You also get the temperatures from the sun, and all the variations in the weather from nice weather to appropriate weather to bad weather. You also get the different variations in moisture from the sun, and the reason from different weather and same weather from place to place at earth, has to do with the sun giving different or the same energy level from place to place.

Rain, lightning and thunder can all be explained logically with something happening in the sky! And we can be engaged with every detail and every large thing in relation to the weather. We can get high or low pressure for the air in the sky. We should find the reasons for what is happening in the sun and in the universe, and today we can explain many things, and maybe we can explain everything when doing the research as good as we can in biology, mathematics and in physics. Everything that can be counted, can we use mathematics on. And we can explain all functions and all things in nature by using science from different disciplines.

As humans, we should believe in ourself, and we should have self-confidence as it matters. This has also to do with what we can do as humans in the universe. As humans, we have intelligence and brain activity, and we can use that to explain what we see and hear instead of just mentioning a God or that we cannot understand things! We can understand many things in the universe today, and we should continue our efforts to be even better in understanding different things going on!

Hence, all you find in the weather conditions, must have a source and ways of explanations. We find expectation levels in the temperatures, and there is variance in them. The real temperature can be higher or lower than the weather forecast has told us, and what we have read about everything related to the weather. At earth, the temperature can be high, appropriate or low, and we have different seasons, as the summer, the autumn, the winter and the spring. And everything and what you perceive in nature and in the weather, has to do with the sun in relation to the earth. We can do even more research on it.

You can believe and not believe about everything you perceive, and why it is as it is. You have your own thinking and your own responsibility about what person you are, and about what explanations you find trust and credibility within. And professor Richard Dawkins has much to say at Oxford University! Philosophy of science is about trying to explain the nature and the human nature!

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

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