Improve your Writing (Plagiarism)

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I personally struggle with this one as there are so many ways in which you can commit plagiarism. Recently I have just decided to just do research on anything I write and put links so no one can question me or the information.

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I had a lovely experience, a few weeks back, where my tutor deducted marks from a paper I wrote about music. As you all know I have a passion for music, I have done a lot of reading about the effects of music and anything related to music.

So I wrote this paper about music, I will never write a paper on something I do not know about. I the received feed back that I need to redo the paper and state where I got the information from... Ah that lovely moment, when I thought to myself. Reference: "Inside a hard moist dark case, where the brain for dragonslayer lies" Sadly I could not put this in as a reference, although I really wanted to.

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"Intentional Plagiarism is the deliberate act of representing the words, ideas, or data of another as one's own without providing proper attribution to the author through quotation, reference, or footnote. Inadvertent Plagiarism involves the inappropriate, but non-deliberate, use of another's words, ideas, or data without proper attribution. It is a form of academic misconduct for which an instructor can impose appropriate academic sanctions" (BYU-I website).

Intentional plagiarism is quite simple to explain: you go to a website click and drag then copy and paste it in your paper.
When you write any paper be careful with your sources you use and also state all sources you use. The area I slip up in is, if something is not general knowledge and there is no source to were the information comes from then this is also considered inadvertent plagiarism.

My suggestion to you , as I have also had to do this, always do some research to have a source to add to your paper. I have now started to do this with all my papers as some people have different general knowledge to others.

Why does it matter?

Plagiarism is a crime. Where I stay, if you plagiarise anything in any university, you can be suspended from studying there for life. Another problem with this is that you get labelled and will probably never get accepted into any university or college. There are some serious consequences for doing this.

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Plagiarism is also not fair to anyone. They put in time and effort to create that information. You should never take credit for someone's work.

Other information to cite

Many people forget about these small things, but they are considered plagiarism.

  • Photographs
  • Graphics
  • Music
  • Graphs

Anything else related to these things mentioned above are also considered plagiarism.

Some things never have to be cited. Common knowledge is one of them. Dates of events, historical events, do not need to be cited. Anything that is easy to find or is well known does not need to be cited.

The best thing to do is to always state where information comes from. I have learnt from experience that is it always better to be safe than sorry. So just state all information sources.

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Just on a little side note for self improvement. I will be doing pushups, situps and squats for the amount of $$$ (ratio;$2:1) I earn on this post and will give a short feedback every day at the end of each post. This will be split in equally between all 3. Any not done will carry onto the next day.

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Todat is a good day to leaen some new post. Great and informative information and thank you foe tge proper explainations about writing i definately leaent alot. There is really alot to learn when you want to write and make sense.

Good advice. I haven't come across plagiarism yet but always keeping an eye out


OMS yes I love it so much!!!!!!

  ·  4년 전

What a lovely experience..))
Poor professors.. getting played by particularly cunning guys who know how to circumvent the anti-plagiarism.
But this has the opposite side. They just harm themselves because time they could spend on self-development they waste on stealing someone's material.
Oh well.. but what can you do??


Yeah your gif answers your question perfectly :)

  ·  4년 전

Yea. But well... thanks for sharing, i liked your article a lot.
Just realised that there was a cat in the printer, it's cute :d

We had a saying at University that was 'Copying from one is plagiarism, copying from many is research'. Whilst not strictly true, its only plagiarism if you pass it off as your own work. If you use someone else's work and give them credit, or acknowledge the source, then that's fine! If you are passing off someone else's work as your own its effectively theft!

With more and more content and books, movies, videos made, It's hard for one new content creator to avoid plagiarism. It's simply that creativity has reached it's lowest level. Half of ministers in my country's goverment plagiarised their master's degrees. What does that say to us as humans? What will happen in like 50 to 100 years? Like Jorge Luis Borges wrote once: all books have been written. That's my view of the content nowadays. It's simply too hard to stay original, you must "borrow" something from the others because originality is either trash try egocentrism nowadays or it is some quality which can't reach the mainstream level. Thanks for your article @dragonslayer109

If you consider all of the above plagiarism (which you should) then this site has a big problem. I see so many pics in Posts of which you just know that they have not been created by the authors of the Post. But there also is much self created content, but im not sure if it is like 50/50 or 70/30 for plagiarism or the other way around

Copy and paste from one source = Plagiarism

Copy and paste from many different sources = Research

(OK, do NOT take what I said seriously)

Watch out for cheetah she will get you lol

Thanks alot man ...i m new here ...must needed one article I saw this ...mthnks


Well, to avoid plagiarism simply just give credits where credits are due. It's really not that difficult. Stealing, scamming, and cheating are good short-term strategies, but if you are looking to build a long-term viable business, honesty is still always the best policy.

My 2 cents worth! Literally.


Well put thank you :)

Given that there is generally very little truly original content on the planet it's pretty hard to not create content in a similar vein to something that has already been done. I've lost count of the times I've thought I'd come up with a brilliant concept, started writing and then looked on the web for some references only to find someone had already written the piece I was working on.

The trick is to pull those paragraphs apart and completely rework them in your own words and point of view.


Mmmm yes this is a great suggestion, I would still cite the source where you pulled the paragraphs apart. Better safe than sorry.


Yeah, good point. Only issue I can see with that is you could end up citing the whole piece of work. LOL


Having source links at the bottom is a great idea if you have been using other sources to get the information you have written about

Taking credit for another person's work is wrong. Thanks for posting this dragonslayer109

To improve your writing skills you have to first edit your own post on, "How to Improve Your Writing Skills." There are typos, punctuation mistakes, poor sentence structure and improper use of tenses. (Just trying to be helpful :-))

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 14.15.03.png largely solves the problem with traditional cut/paste plagiarism, and many schools/instructors require students to submit through the service.

So if we rephrase someone's writing/blog/article, is it still be counted as Plagiarism?
I know there is a software called turnitin that detects Plagiarism but suppose someone makes a video and using the voice over of my blog, how it will be detected?


There are many ways, I would say just cite everything to be safe.

And remember,

When you post on other social media sites, always cite steemit as your source. People should always know where the best content is from.


Hahaha yes great idea, develop the community.

Very useful information. Great post! Thanks!

Haha that meme! Gotta love ya a bit of Austin.

Great post again DS. Justice and respect should always be held in high regard, even in the sharing of information.

Glad you're bringing this to the attention of the Steemit community. Cheers.

Really a very amazing article, very interesting, unfortunately if passed without reading it. I also hate people who do plagiarism, although in our place now, almost 90 percent of our students do plagiarism, it is very in pity that happens to our future generations. I'm from Aceh, Indonesia.


This is really sad. We also have a lot of students that do this to, most are not taught properly.

  ·  4년 전

informative post that give us many tips about righting and many other things. I think you can improve your writing skill not create it in yourself. It is got gifted ability some people can talk good some can write good.

My view is that there is nothing new under the sun and no matter what has been said or written it has been said or written before. My view is that it depends on how you present it. Post upvoted. Thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing information @dragonslayer109 i always appreciated your post

Just finished watching someone I'm subscribed to talking about this! I think everyone should start working together on the platform. Don't be going around flagging each other unnecessarily. I felt like that needed to get out there, but maybe advice through the comments? haha I think some people are getting excited with the whole "flags = cash". It has got me worried and I haven't even posted anything ! Be kind to one another peeps. Cheers!



I feel that educating the masses is far better than flagging. We have a huge problem here as we are not taught how to cite properly.


I think after everybody got their BSc's, they're like enough of all that formal stuff. hahaha ! Hopefully people start trying at least :P

Very good article, and I personally feel very embarrassed to do such a thing pless folow me@nauval

"Any not done will carry onto the next day."

Nice way to hedge against a massive payout that you couldn't enjoy because you'd be at home all day doing squats :D


I am luckly able to do 100 a day so I can cover all the posts now and catch up.

True it is only way to get ahead.

Well, there is hardly anything left to write about. Let's just say you have an idea about your niche and you decided to search for any reference about that idea online, but to your surprising someone have already written about it somewhere else. Now would you like to drop that idea or just go on and write about it? Of course you should write about it.

In this World nothing is new, everything is just an alteration of something else . Just use your words and mix your style while writing about anything and it would do the job effectively.


Yes nothing is new and this is frustrating. Also remember that having sources cited adds to your credibility as a writer and this is really good.


Yes of course. It would increase writer's credibility. But sometimes people forget these small things and we should treat them as such. They should not be tagged as 'plagiarism' devil. They are just learning by doing these small mistakes.


I have even forgotten at times so yes I agree with you.

Many Thanks !! really it is very helpful for all beginners, and new comers.

Hey, I love this article. I came across it while I was writing my own about plagiarism. You nailed it. I will be posting mine soon!

Plagiarism is for the lazy. It's for the people who hate being unique in their own way.

Forfeit a weeks earnings, of those who copy paste content here.

We all need to adhere to your advice. Good article. Resteemed

Good and helpful post. I definitely try to write all my own stuff and if I quote someone, I say so; but I can imagine it could happen inadvertently!

Thanks for analyzing this subject matter. It's clearer to me now.

Worldwide, the disease is evolving, need to fight. ((

Important stuff in the digital age!

I was an adjunct professor of Sociology. Every class I taught there were students that thought I would never suspect their term papers were copied from the Internet., even when the topic wasn't about Sociology. Learn how to write and Just source.

Plagiarism must stop. People need to be credited for their work no doubt.

Other information to cite

  • Photographs
  • Graphics
  • Music
  • Graphs

I love this list. I usually assume the first three need to be cited, but its a great reminder that anything that you didn't create needs to be cited. Challenges the whole concept of original thought/idea.


Thats a good way to create fresh content :)

nice post ... thanks for sharing

Writing is always difficult for me.

Yes, true, I love a good man. Thank you brother + follow

Wow ......!

It's interesting that in the age of tumblr and other reblog sites many people don't consider "repurposing" as an offense. On the web there's definitely some loose and fast rules when it comes to taking other people's work and posting it somewhere else - but it never hurts to cite your sources.

Excellent posting. Although, I don't think that this is spelled out clearly enough to new users that are used to platforms like Facebook where borrowing information is done rampantly without giving credit where credit is due.

This site is unique, in that you get paid for your contributions. So, naturally, you should be citing any and all reference material within the body of your work. I utilize embedded links within the body of the text, when referring to where I derived my information, and anytime I switch topics.

I recommend a disclaimer be read and verified upon signing up for a Streemit account to become the normal procedure moving forward. I can only imagine the potential lawsuits that might happen down the line if this is not taken seriously as there seems to be a pool of users who either disregard the need to cite sources, or are ignorant to the ramifications. Especially, if STEEM prices double, triple, or shoot to the moon!

Agree in everything 100%

Nice post. Thanks for information

you are right dragonslayer109 specially in the last 10/15 years where we have such a broad access to information via internet, and internet platforms where users create content...(it is estimated that the ammount of content produced in the last 10 years is equal to the ammount of content generated through mankind history!!) it is really easy to copy+paste someone work not giving copywrite credit where it is due. The only downside in plagiarism on the internet is that most algoritms will recognized is a copied text and it won´t rank high in SEO but for the rest, can play to the advantage of the fraudster!


The internet has been a huge blessing of information for all. plagiarism is become a big issue throughout the world as many people don't know or are just lazy.

i always have this problem. however, i am doing everything that i can to help this problem

Plagiarism is rampant and stealing intellectual rights!

In as much as we learn everyday in life, we can do away with this issue as we progress in our daily writings.

Since essays are often run through anti-plagiarism software (at least where I studied), it's important to cite material that you paraphrase as well as direct quote, even if you think you have reworded it significantly. You can even plagiarise yourself, if you reference your own published work without citation. Always better to be safe than sorry.

Really enjoyed Reading your post it was very informative thank you for sharing. will be following you