Learn To seperate yourself from that weeds

3년 전


For a long time I was asking WHO AM I. I couldn't feel, I was in pain i was mortified, didn't know where my life was going, I woke every morning clutching the sheets staying in bed didn't wanna do nothing. Look at me I'm talking now, its just you and I you probably think I got this shit figured out nd that would be a lie. I've just learned to keep my eye on the finish line "Martin Luther state of mind" dreaming with my eyes open and hoping that I get to right. So now I've come for this kids like a pedophile, help them see the light through this darkness that we are consumed by, you gotta begin to seperate yourselves from the weed if you want your seeds to grow and to multiply. There is alot of great spots at the top to occupy, this is a game of demand and supply. So don't be so caught up in what everybody else is doing, that you fail completely to live fully cause to know who you are truly and have the courage to express that is your duty


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