I'm a Time Traveler - Story of fiction

3년 전

1 - reports
I came back from the future to prevent a catastrophe, it all started a year ago, when dictator Kim jong-un surprised the world with radioactive and biological weapons, he did something that no one in the world expected threw his new deadly bombs into the sea, thus poisoning the whole sea, that was terrible, in a few years people began to adoençer, no one could expect that the human race could almost become extinct in just one attack.
A few days before ...
I just finished my time machine I have to go back to the past to prevent Kim jong-un from acting because all humans have been extinct, this is the last hope of humanity, I have to seize.
2 - Crazy
I tried to warn everyone, but call me crazy, time is running out, the end is near.
3 - An error
Today trying to convince people, a North Korean spy heard what I said, I think it's my fault.
4 - Loop
I returned to the future to prevent myself from traveling to the past, but something unexpected occurred.
5 - I woke up
I woke up and it was all just a dream, I'm relieved.
6 - Deja'vu
Things are happening the same as the dream, I need to know more about time travel.
7 - Time Machine
I've already decided, I'm going to build my own time machine.

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