Sometimes the world changes and we do not even realize it.

3년 전

I'm in a dilemma Has the world changed or was it I who changed? Time goes by fast and people change tastes, habits, friends. What is good does not last forever, luckily what is bad does not last too long.

Even the houses, neighborhoods, customs change at the blink of the eye. The fashion of the hour has become tacky tomorrow, what makes us smile today may be what will make you cry.

Worst of all is that nowadays it is impossible to really rest, because everything is done in a hurry to finish faster, there is never enough time to enjoy life.

Maybe it's our fault, it allows anything to shake us, in the end we're the ones who decide how to take the time. Neither should we change, on account of other people changing.

Keeping the essence is more important than changing to be accepted in a world where everything is superficial.

Image Source: Pixabay

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