The construction of a new world - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

In the middle of the city, Kled woke up in front of a different city from what he knew, then Kled asked a person passing by:

What happened to the city?

The person stopped, looked at Kled and ran off and screaming, then Kled without understanding, decides to stop someone else on the street and the same thing repeats itself, so Kled is convinced that everyone there is crazy or he is very ugly, but not too long Kled see a lot of police cars, when a man appears in a manhole and pull the Kled.

The Beginning of the Revolution

The man orders Kled to follow him, saying that soon he would give an explanation, Kled then without option follows him through the drops of water falling and the horrible smell, walking 20 minitos, they arrive at the place. Everyone starts shouting:

"Long live, he arrived"
"We are saved"

Kled is astonished and asks the man what was happening, so the man who saved him said:

We are in Vivland in the year 2008, where the government is charging 100% tax for the whole population, They give us a ration, that is not enough to feed us, we have a prophecy that says that someone from the future would go back to the past and help us find a solution to all our problems, and showed a picture of him in the prophecy.

Kled then saw that there was another dimension, so he remembered the cryptocurrency, then spoke out loud for everyone to hear:

I have a solution, however I will need the help of all of you, I will need a computer and access on the internet.

So the men quickly got their computer and internet access, Kled then spent days at the computer programming something that would be revolutionary, after a few months Kled released a coin that would be called Bitcoin, he explained how the new currency worked and everyone was amazed by the new technology.

To be continued...

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