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This story i am about to tell you isn't about the country nigeria,Nigeria is just an example used to explain the idea i am to give you.

Nigeria is known as the giant of africa,a very blessed country nigeria is, let me give you a run down on some wonderful things about nigeria,
1.first Nigeria is one of the most popular country's in the world because of its great population,and has its citizens in every part of the Globe is also the 12th highest producing oil company,in the world, has if not the best,second to the best movie industry in the world,
4.Nigeria is also a country that spends $81 billion dollars per year,it is also a very popular country
5.Nigeria isnt only blessed with natural resources but also blessed with human resources,nigerians are known around the world for thier academic excellence and inventions,for example do you know it was a Nigerian that designed the CHEVROLET, His name is Jelani Aliyu he is from kaduna.

Despite all those wonderful qualities Nigeria,is the 3rd most poorest country in the world,their educational system is falling behind,and also the name Nigeria is a name synonymous with terrorism,and the country is facing a tirade of problems which i can't mention now.

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Many ask why is Nigeria upon all its resources power and potential still as poor as it is, why is it economically poor,why all these problems? What is behind all of this?,i myself thought about this myself then yesterday while meditating the answer came.

The problem with Nigeria is not that it doesnt have enough resources,of course there are country's faring better than nigeria,with less resources.
The problem of nigeria is also not corruption contrary to what is believed, based on my research Nigeria is the 47th most corrupt country in the world ,meaning its not the most corrupt,there are others more corrupt than it.

So If corruption and lack of resources isn't Nigeria's problem,then what is it?

Actually Nigeria's problem is a not a complicated one,Nigeria's problem is a simple one,it is the way they think, thier belief system,they are being enslaved by their belief system.

As great and powerful as the country is,it is still in SLAVERY,slavery? I guess you are like what's this guy saying,hold on let me explain.

First lets define a slave,when the very word SLAVE is mentioned what comes to your mind, let me guess...a man or woman chained at the feet or hands and is forced to obey a master.

Let me shock you a bit,you see

Its not the chains on a man's feet,or the chains on his hands that make him a slave, its the chains in his mind
Emmanuel Adam

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Before a man becomes a slave, he has to be a slave first in his mind,meaning that slavery is a thing of the mind.

You see Nigeria as a country is a slave,a slave to thier belief ,upon all their resources,power and potential,they are limited in thier capability to get the results they want as a country,
... and what is the source of this slavery,its thier thinking, because they think failure, they think -not to make Nigeria better, but to manage it as it is, they think nigeria can never become better, so lets grab what we can from it and run, this and many more are the thoughts that has enslaved them.

You see the problem Nigeria has isnt just a Nigerian problem,its universal No matter the potential you have,no matter the degrees you have, the financial background you are born into, if you don't think right, its all nothing.

Everything you are and will be is dependent on your thinking,no matter how much potential you carry,whether you have a million naira in your account or not, it is your thinking that matters,everything is dependent on how you think.

There's this saying that,

it is madness to keep on doing the same thing,the same way over and over again, but expecting different results.

Until you change your thinking, you will remain as you are.
change your thinking if you ever desire a change in your life and the circumstances you find yourselves in.

I have read many books by different authors from around the world , and all of them point to
one idea for success in life,

You are, what you think

So if you are tired of the person you are today change your thinking,and the most interesting fact about it all is that you have control over your thoughts.

You have all the potential within you right now to live the life you desire,but until you think rightly you can never harness that power.
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Choose not to be a slave to your thinking,instead control it, until you control your thinking,it will control you and the kind of results you'd get in life,choose differently.


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But through it all.... i'm proudly Nigerian 🇳🇬

I really wish everyone could see this. Even Mr President... Lolz...

We all need to think differently....


I am proudly Nigerian too,but we need to think differently as a nation

We should talk. These is d best thing v seen on steemit today.


Thank you dear,i am happy you liked it

That was a mind blowing expository.... Lovely article


Thank you sir

Wow,what a piece...#power of the mind

This not just an article but a bitter truth. I will give you five star for a Thousand times.


Thank you sir i appreciate