Good and Bad start from the Heart

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The words of the Prophet SAW "Truly, there is a lump of flesh in the body of a son of Adam's son, if he is good then all his body, and if he is corrupted, then his whole body will be destroyed, know that he is the Heart".

On this hadeeth, Imam Al-Ghazali once said "It is true in this hadeeth of the Prophet that the origin of the glory of mankiah lies in his heart, and the heart is like a king who is lifted up in the body, and all the other dhahir members are disowned like his soldiers who follows all the king's commands ". Some of the Sufis analogize the heart with the king in calling this human body like a country where the heart governs his kingdom, and likes the other dhahir members like soldiers who carry out the will of the king.

What is meant by dhahir members are the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, stomach, hands, feet and genitals. If the human heart is good, then all its limbs will do the good things that bring to the perfection of man himself. And if the heart is evil, then all his limbs will do evil things, which bring the consequences to the destruction and the destruction of man himself. What is meant by the 'good heart' is the nature of the heart with the inner obedience to the Creator and away from all forms of inner kekurhakaan to the Khaliq. And what is meant by 'good limbs' is the obedience of dhahir members in working out the dhahir command and away from all forms of dhahir ban.

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What is meant by the 'obedient mind' is a heart that is characterized by praiseworthy traits, such as sincere sourein doing worship, acts zuhud (unimportant interest for no benefit to the afterlife), behaves wara` (leave the haram and something that is not certain halal ), and like patience, gratitude, tawakkal, mahabbah (loving God and His Apostle), and ridha to the creator of all His appointed provisions, and like other commendable attributes. And what is meant by 'inner evil' is the nature of the heart with all evil and despicable attributes or temperaments, such as riya (pride in oneself), takabbur (feel great), envy, hasad and others.

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