Fate and Freewill

10개월 전

As he stepped to climb his new bike, all the contents of the basket he was holding poured away, some of them to the road and some to the nearby gutter. 'Curses! I'm not going back for new ones, he muttered painfully.' He picked the remaining apples on the road indifferently, dropped them to the basket and started the bike.
He had just got a new one after all these years of saving. He was going to show it to those brats! Who have been whispering some jokes behind him all these years. But before that, he would have to stop by and drop those apples at granny's.
On making a U-turn to the road leading to her cottage, a beautiful swift Jeep approached and it just seemed imminent. Not that he couldn't redirect, or apply the brakes. And he actually saw it coming, yet he was flung and mashed. Maybe, it was too swift and he had been indifferent since but it was just too imminent.

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Oh no!!! A new bike and he got smashed. Poor guy!!!


Really poor guy.
I really appreciate the comment.
Thanks. Thanks very much.


@deirdyweirdy. Thanks very much for the comment. Thanks.
It's been a while.