Don't Be Someone else . . Just Be YOURSELF

3년 전


The reason why I am writing this is actually because I want everyone I know about my friends and family to express their opinions about my real self, without having to pretend to say things that are not true
It's better to be honest telling my badness when I'm with them than to have to interrupt when I'm not with them

Don't just try to guess the hearts of others, but try to discuss with him ,

Don't pretend to be good and cover your true nature ,

. .

But try to be yourself with the best version ..

. . .

Throw away the mask that you use to be a good character

. . . .

Because when you cheat others you first deceive yourself

And it will only make hurts

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Thankyou :)

Yes, if you can't be your full authentic self then you're not allowing the real expression of you to be seen. This person that you came here to be has so many messages for everyone to see.


yeah, thats right :)

following you btw!