Henry Gant, Man About Town. This Episode: "Standing Ovation" A play in three acts written for Jayna's 50-word challenge.

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Jayna's 50-word challenge:
To write a story using 50 words. This weeks word is "Deed".

Instructions are found here:

Most notable:
"Writing micro-fiction stories within tight limits gives you the writing and editing muscles you need for those longer projects. It is a wonderful reminder that every word counts. And it is an opportunity to tune your editing skills in the microcosm of an itty bitty story." ~ Jayna

I think I was born to break the rules.
So here goes. This weeks entry titled,

Standing Ovation.

Act one:
“You will not write a three-act play using only 50 words,” says Janet.

Act two:
Center stage.
“I bet you a dollar a word I can,” says Henry at his typewriter.

Act three:
We see Janet giving Henry fifty dollars.

The curtain closes as the deed is done.

___________________ ///_________________________

H. G.
All images are provided by my hat.

We get to write a backstory?!

Ok . . . here goes.

Henry originally wrote a complete murder mystery titled Killer Mind for the 100 words contest some time back.
So this time I wondered if my character could write a play in 3 acts for the 50-word contest.

Here is an excerpt:

Starting with her thumb she counted, “A killer, a body, interesting characters, with an investigator asking questions . . . in 100 words? No way,” said Janet.

girl from the big island..jpg
Janet rolled her eyes.

(Girl from the Big Island, by Henry Gant.)

If you are interested:

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De verdad que para escribir una historia con 50 palabras es todo un reto ya que no solo hay que sintetizar bien el escrito si no buscarle un sentido muy rápido a la escritura @henry-gant. Gran trabajo


Gracias, Franciscana23. Mis historias vienen a mí en un instante, sólo tengo que añadir las palabras correctas.

H. G.


Eso es correcto ese es el gran trabajo elegir las palabras correctas para que la escritura salga perfecta @henry-gant

wow nice! I also read the backstory . Liked the suspense. Going to make mine today


I'm looking forward to reading your story Purpledaisy.
Thank you for the resteem.

H. G.

I love this, @henry-gant. That is an historic achievement for the #fiftywords community. The first three-act play in only 50 words!


I reread the rules and noticed that we could add a backstory . . . I just did that.

I hope you get the chance to read that also.


Yes! Thank you for that. I love all the extra tidbits and interesting facts and notes that people are adding to their posts, along with their stories. This shtick just gets better every day!

That typewriter is epic!


I was looking for an Underwood . . . some kind of manual Typewriter.
Thanks, Beany.

I feel like this is cheating, but you ain’t doin’ anything right if you ain’t cheating.


I'm going to write a complete Opera next time.


Now you’re living life.

A 3-act play 50 words!! Well there's a first.. excellent..


Thank you for your comment ablaze. I wanted to do something a little different.

This is just great meta-fiction. And, as @jayna suggests, this must be a Guinness record :)