Hidden spreads optimism #1

3개월 전


This pandemic is total crap. I do not say this because I feel limited - I am not one of those who consider it a global conspiracy, media panic and the like. This pandemic sucks because it brings me back to some of the memories that I hoped would remain forgotten. That gradual, growing sense of tension is very similar to what I experienced as a kid, then as a teenager, and now as a 35-year-old.

For those with cheaper tickets, I'm talking about the Balkan repertoire of adult entertainment: the civil war in Yugoslavia, then the bombing of Yugoslavia by America and NATO, and then this situation with the virus that's happening today. These three events are very different. The Civil War was a bloody hell and I hope no one will experience it ever again. The bombing has awakened that traditional Serbian hardiness and I will be happy to write about it in one of the following texts. And the pandemic - it probably doesn't sound as serious as the previous two, but in fact, it can very easily become one and that is exactly what indicates to be a common thing in everything I have listed.

Fear for your own existence is quite natural. But there is something inherently evil about it, which is waiting to wake up in situations like this. That evil inspired great works of art, and those who opposed it became heroes. That evil is neither a bullet, nor a bomb, nor a virus. It's human.

Don't get me wrong. I'm also scared of the possibility of getting infected for a number of practical reasons (what if I transmitted the virus to my father or mother, what about jobs, who would take care of my cat?).

But what scares me the most are the views and behavior of those I meet in streets, stores, and pharmacies. The way they grab the last bundle of flour off the shelf or search for masks, gloves, and disinfectants. The way they look at those who accidentally cough up on the street.

Did I tell you that ten days ago, almost everyone acted relaxed, ignoring the reality that surrounds them?

I thought I'd end this post with good Serbian hip-hop, but instead, we'll listen to an intro song from a phenomenal TV show.

Until the next time, stay safe and healthy.


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