What Makes You Unique?

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Untitled Woman.jpg

Untitled Woman
Self Portrait

One of the questions that I think is hard to answer is not a mathematical problem or something that requires a scientific answer. It's probably one of the simplest questions that others can just answer right away.

What makes you unique?

Damn. That question haunts me every night.

This question is literally everywhere. Every time someone asks me that, I literally couldn't think of any reason why I could consider myself unique. It doesn't even mean I don't know myself at all, but it's just that I think we are all the same.

Am I unique cos I use my art as a coping mechanism?

Meh, a lot of people use art as a therapy. Artists or aspiring artists, they do that.

Is it cos I have a birthmark under my right eye?

Girl, I swear, there are thousands of people with the same birthmark as me.

Maybe cos most of my works are mediocre and I am a master procrastinator?

Nah, there's too many people who can relate.

Is it cos I use my weakness as an advantage and turn them into strengths?

Pretty sure all people do that.

See? I'm not one of a kind. We are all the same, in a different way. We all have different experiences, yes. But we have the same shit in life. I'm not special. There are millions of people who are like me.

So why is this question still common aaaahhh

Okay yeah, until now I still cannot seem to find an answer to that question. Is there such a thing as uniqueness? Or do we have different perspectives on being unique? Or am I just being dumb again?



They're Here.jpg

They're Here
Self Portrait

If all of us has some kind of serial numbers in our souls or something, then that could probably the only thing that could make me unique. But in a sense, I think we are all the same. We are all related. We all have connections.

So hello there and good night cos I'm sleepy and might regret these things that I said when I wake up in the wee hours.

But how about you?

What makes you unique?

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I’m white but I have vitiligo on my face that give me these brown patches under my lower lip.
I also have big ears and many people are scared of me without knowing me.

You know we grew up taught to believe that everyone's equal. That you are no better than anyone else - Of course that's a lie. Some are better than others. And there are those who recognize what makes them better and are able to exploit that to succeed.

Regarding the line, Maybe cos most of my works are mediocre and ...?...
Still it is way,way more than mediocre for normal people, or people who just can't cope with art

So far what I've learned in life- do not overthink it, but enjoy it - it's hard sometimes but there is always a way - and that uniqueness will rise up on its own.


Mediocre, in my own standards, considering I know that I could do a lot better but just don't exert more efforts on it. :D
Yeah lol, I try not to overthink. One of the hardest in life is worrying about the future :p

you are unique because there's only one code like you in this world.
as a whole we are all the same but there are small different things that make us different from each other.
one thing I can say is that we all have different sets of eyes and it's my theory that the way we see this world is very different for each individual.
so if our code is different from each other it should make sense that we have different sets of eye and therefore the world looks very different to each one of us.
So there you are unique and no one can be you. ;) <3

I am unique @hiddenblade because my medical condition has metamorphosized me into what I look like now, ugly, ignored, and uninteresting.


Many others have medical conditions that has affected their physical appearance too. Many others feel the same way as you... but yeah I guess uniqueness is subjective. 🤔

I think it is a combination of traits that makes us unique and not only one:)


Yeah I thought about it too.. But if you were asked that question, what would you answer? It's hard to enumerate all those things ya know XD

I LOVE this portrait of you, it's hauntingly beautiful, just the right amount of sexy and disturbed.

We are all fucking snowflakes.


Thank you! Right, we are. xD

I think I am unique and I am special too ;-)
I'm a mannequin-blogger and I'm the only one doing this in the whole planet, and probably in the whole universe :-)
I'm not great, cool or something like that... I'm just unique.


Hmm, yeah i haven’t seen any other mannequin blogger so you might be right xD

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Mam aapki baatein aur likhne ka tarika bhi kaaphi unique hai mam.And ye bhi lagta hai ki apne koi unbelieveble cheez ko face kiya hua hai.

No one can ever have the same steem username as me :p


lol true, I hate that as well. I be like "oohh my username so unique I'm the only one in the world with this hihi" then I be signing up and it's already taken!!! D:

I feel very close to your idea. I believe we are in the deep roots the same. Nothing is really unique, there are details that can be described to semplify and cathegorize, but the main thing is the same. I love recognizing myself in others more than finding uniqueness. Every difference is just something we have in common with someone else. We are never alone and I think this might be the greatest proof given from this digital era, which allows us to find someone like us, that have our same detail. :) Great post and great photos (I see myself in there)

OMG 🔥🔥