This Week on Steepshot: Traveling the globe through someone else's lenses

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The community that drives Steepshot, the trends that will emerge on the way, and more!


Hello Steemians!

The Steepshot community is growing daily, and I am going to be paying close attention to it and writing a weekly blog about my findings! Every week I will cover what I have learned about the Steepshot community, trends that are growing on Steepshot, as well as in general for other social media platforms, spotlight interesting photos I find on Steepshot, and at the end do a Steepshot user of the week!

I am excited to become more familiar with the social media platform and to become apart of the community

The Steepshot Community

Steepshot is a place where people can express themselves creatively through photos. People from all over the world are able to come together and share an image, whether that be of food, travel, nature, a portrait, etc.

The Steepshot community is friendly and responsive. The use of hashtags is very popular on Steepshot. With a newer social media platform like this, you are trying to get followers, and followers that engage. Popular hashtags include: #photography, #life, #steemit, #travel, #art, and #nature, just to name a few. By using hashtags, users are able to connect with people of similar interest and grow the community in that way. We have seen this before with Instagram, but I feel like the use of hashtags has declined there since it is so established.


Steepshot is still growing, so trends will be constantly developing and starting because of that. I did notice that there are mostly pictures of travel, which is great! People are posting photos from all over the world, whether that be from trips users just recently went on, or some throwbacks.

The “trendy” things that I see mostly from people are beautiful architecture from all over the world. There is something that is very aesthetically pleasing to people about older buildings. Pairing a photo like that with a good filter can definitely make it standout! I feel like this is a trend not just on Steepshot, but Instagram as well.

It will be interesting to see the trends that Steepshot picks up on over the course of the next few months. While it seems at the moment that people are more interested in sharing landscapes and yummy food, I’ll be patiently waiting for the selfie trend to catch on.

Photo Spotlight

For this weeks photo spotlight, I wanted to look at three pictures that really caught my eye.


This first photo by @homeartpictures, captivated me not only because it is great photo that is beautifully edited, but that came along with a nice solid caption! I always feel that a caption can really speak a lot to the photo and have people more interested and willing to interact with you. @homeartpictures has a wonderful profile with photos ranging from vast European fields to a glass of wine.


This next picture is by @haileyscomet. First of all I have to say her pictures are awesome! Most of her photos are of nature, which is always a fan favorite! I have always been a huge fan of waterfalls, so the picture above immediately grabbed my attention. I love the way this picture looks as well as the details she gives in the description with the perfect hashtags.


The last photo I wanted to highlight this week was from user @mindtrap. It is a subtle sunset picture that is extremely relaxing. The pink and purple colors are so natural, you feel like you could be right there on the beach! @mindtrap’s pictures are so raw and alluring and I can’t wait to see more from this traveler!

Photographer of the Week

For this week's photographer of the week I chose @jamesqube for obvious reasons.


As you can tell from his bio, @jamesqube is not only a travel photographer, but a creative individual who produces music as well! I came across a few of his photos on the “Hot” page and thought they were extremely notable.




He has great scenic photos from all over Europe. I am a huge fan of simple photos that make you feel like you could really be there and all of his pictures do just that. I also think it is awesome that they are taken from a smartphone. I myself do not have a professional camera, but these days if you have a smartphone you can barely tell the difference!


I am excited to see Steepshot develop, and to see what kinds of amazing photos users continue to produce. What are your favorite photos to see in your feed? Share your thoughts and comments below or on discord, I would love to chat!

Have a great day Steemians,

rachel steiker 100px.png @rsteiker3, Content Strategist

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beautiful photography

I am strangely starting to enjoy and wanting to become a better writer affter joining Steemit, it has been a while since i last read a book tbh i i plenty to pick from i just never pick them up lol...


because you can get micro rewards for you efforts maybe? a little treat goes along way and not just the upvotes just having a connection with others and gaining value from reputation is nice :)

What impressive photographs, highlight the beauty of nature in the places you visited

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Thanks for the shoutout!!

Undoubtedly the union of human creation, as you said, the architecture, and if you unite perfectly with nature, is an image that I would love to enjoy, greetings from Venezuela.

These are words of wisdom indeed.

I'm an aspiring writer myself, and I have also picked up on my reading, it's crucial.

However, the journey is long and there is no better way to be successful than to start sooner rather than later.

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Epic Photo!

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I ask to have a professional camera, because I love photography and here, in my beloved Venezuela, there are many places where I really have the pleasure of making good shots, thank you for sharing this wonderful project. Knowing places, through the lens of other people.

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