Successful Writers Needed: No Talent Required

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You don’t need talent to be a successful writer or blogger but you do need this one thing.


For a long time, I had a job most people couldn’t understand. I was a Lead Modeling and Simulation Engineer. Even just my job title would make eyes glaze over with confusion and an “I’m sorry I asked” expression.

These days, I’m a writer, and the looks I get are much different - and so are the expectations.

It’s as if I’ve gone from a world too technical for people to understand to a realm of the mythical.

A Writer.

The title conveys a certain amount of reverence, awe, or prestige. People assume we are special or have some amazing talent that regular, average folk don’t have.

Even here on Steemit, people have the same belief. Take a look at these comments on some recent articles I wrote:

“I am not a natural writer, but am working to improve my writing…”

“I think some people are naturally talented in writing. Unfortunately, I am not that one!”

Sentiments like these are too frequently expressed. And it always makes me sad to see them. Being a writer isn’t about talent, it’s about communicating.

Telling your story

One of the things I love about Steemit is the variety of its members. It reaches across borders and languages. And, believe it or not, some of the posts that moved me the most were not written well at all. Not because the person couldn’t write, but because English wasn’t their first language.

That didn’t matter though, because they still communicated their idea, request or dream despite their trouble with the language. You might call that a talent, but I just call it authenticity.

When you have a story to tell – whether it’s poetry, a short story or your trip to the park – and you express it in your own words, then people will feel it.

And you don’t need talent to do this. All you need is practice. And then more practice. In time, you’ll get better at communicating. Writing is a skill you’ll improve as you go.

jordan-whitfield-112404-unsplash (1).jpg

Writing blogs doesn’t require talent either

This is especially true of blogging, which is what we do here on Steemit. People are reading your posts because they like what you’re writing about. You don’t have to be the next James Patterson, Nora Roberts or any other super-talented amazing writer.

To help prove my point, here’s a quote from Chrissy Stockton, an author, blogger, and poet.

“Some writers are special, for sure, but 99.99999999% of writers in the world will never be Salinger or DFW or Bukowski. That doesn’t mean anything. What percent of CEOs will ever become Steve Jobs?”

In all professions, there are outstanding examples - the physicists who win the Nobel prize, the surgeon who saves the most lives, the musician that sells the most concerts. But for each one of those, there are many, many successful people in the same field.

And you should never compare yourself to those kinds of people when you’re blogging. They may represent your goals and dreams – where you’d like to be in the future. But don’t ever give up trying to be a writer just because you don’t think you write as well as your favorite author.

If you keep at it, by practicing and being authentic when you blog, then you won’t need talent to be successful. And by “success” I mean you’ll be gathering more followers, upvotes and comments.

You can aim higher (and I hope that you will), but you can at least get those things if you do just this one other thing…

The one thing you need to successfully blog on Steemit (or the web)

When I went and searched for information on successful bloggers, I found some specific characteristics. And not a single one of them has anything to do with natural talent.

The primary thing most popular bloggers do is post consistently. That's my opinion, anyway, based on research into the subject. If you google "characteristics of successful bloggers" you'll find somewhere around a trillion results. Clearly, I didn't look at them all, but the first couple of pages carried that similar theme (as well as other steps you can take to get even more readers).

Sometimes the term “posting regularly,” was used instead of “consistent,” but the gist is the same. And it makes sense. You can't be successful at something if you don't do it or do it haphazardly. Putting your blog on Steemit at the same time or day also lets the people who read your blogs know when to come back for the next one. That means more views, more upvotes, and more resteems.

Of course, all this assumes you are posting quality content. If you're not sure what that is, check out this post where I explain it all.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts about writing and talent in the comments.

NtOwl-thumbnail.png @ntowl , The Night Owl Writer

“We have loved the stars too fondly to be afraid of the night.” - the old astronomer

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Quality writing — or quality content — touches and moves us in some way. Whether it's a story about a rescued kitten; someone's battle with depression or even just a few photos of a beautiful sunset to reflect on... we were touched and moved, somehow.

2000 words on "Why A Smartphone Is Useful" that's little more than a regurgitation of magazine articles and the user manual... isn't necessarily "quality content," even if the English is good.

But let's consider: There's also "quality content" vs. "adding value." When I think of quality content, I think of something more than merely whether a piece of prose might get an A, as a term paper. If something doesn't add value — for an individual, OR for a community... can we really call it "quality?"

Bright Blessings!


Quality does help, I agree.

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To be an expert in something, one has to do it at least 200 times.
Great post. I can identify with what you wrote. Inspires me to go the extra stretch.
Looking forward to your next post.
Have a great blogging weekend.

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I like the part you said tell your story and people feel it...

It is about being uniquely you....originality.

All the best

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Great work brother@hyperfundit please support me I m new on steemit

If you want to be a writer, don't think you can't just because you don't have the talent for it. Sure, some people are naturally better with words and expressions but that's also something that can be learned. If you have a genuine love for something, it's going to show.

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When I started blogging on Steemit (about 3 months ago) I had no idea what I will write about. I thought I had nothing interesting to say and yes, English is not my first language. After a few days I realized that the best I can do is to share my passions here. I do post regularly (3-4 times a week as it takes me a lot of time to get a post ready). On the days when I don't post I curate as much as I can.

I grew confidence in my abilities and now I enjoy writing a lot and my blog is slowly growing :) In my opinion talent is not the most important. What is important is to do what you love and do with your heart. Then it should work :)