Election guard dedication


Yesterday elections were held for the president and vice president and legislators in my country. People flock to polling stations to vote. Very high public interest this year uses their right to elect the election of president and vice president and council members.


Starting at eight in the morning, many residents arrived at the polling station. This is truly extraordinary, I have never seen in an election that the high interest of the people uses their voting rights. In my village, the election ran smoothly and safely. Residents cheerfully and happily take part in democratic celebrations held every five years.

Because there are many elections that must be held by the public, the time to determine the outcome of this election is very long. Nearly midnight just finished the election committee carried out their duties, as happened in my village and also my neighboring village. I saw the fatigue of the election officers to complete their duties and continued to be enthusiastic until midnight to finish the their duty. Here are some of the the atmosphere of the vote counting at two in the morning in my neighboring village. Hopefully you like it





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