I'm writing two books and a screen play! (Journey Chapter 1)

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Good Afternoon Steemit Community,

I'm starting this blog in order to hold my self accountable to a writing schedule that i would like to create. I also figured i can meet, discuss, and learn about writing with other writers in the steemit community. This attempt is the first time i have ever tried to write a book, or anything larger than a blog post since college. In college i was a computer science major, and although i excelled at math and science, i have always felt that my English skills were lacking. I have a wealth of ideas, and lots of career and life experience i can draw from as fodder for a variety of books and articles, but i feel my lack of confidence with writing is holding me back. I wont go into detail on my life story in this post but, from my experience i have found the only way to overcome a major obstacle is to get organized, gather knowledge, reach out for advice, make a plan, and get going.

So, if you are interested in helping me out in this process i would love to hear what you think. The first concrete step i have taken in this process is to take a book writing class on Udemy, and i started reading "The complete book of scriptwriting" by J. Michael Straczynski. I'm looking for recommendations on books, articles, or other resources to help me out it the process. I will post full reviews of the classes i take and the books i read in future blog posts.

Here are the book concepts i have been working on, I will give more details in individual blogs

Non Fiction 1: My first non fiction book will focus on my experience working in the gig economy, I have been and independent contractor for the past 5 years. I have completed over 1000 jobs in one of the handy man type apps and have also managed short term rentals and delivered food. Most of the literature on working in this industry is written by people who have never worked in the industry, and provide nothing but criticisms. I would like to give my perspective as someone who has had a positive experience working as gig economy independant contractor. The book will feature selected stories from my experience, as well as my opinion on the state of regulation in regards to industry, and where i feel the industry is heading.

Non Fiction 2: The second non fiction book will be a much more arduous task to complete. I have a been working in the crypto-currency industry for the past several years as a freelancer, and crypto is something i'm very passionate about. I cannot give too many details on this book, as i have worked on crypto projects that required me to sign an NDA but the book will focus what our end goals are in regards to crypto integration with the global economy. The details on how we accomplish this are what is secret, i can give generalities. The current outline i have been working out for this book is expansive and will require a lot of research, i'm definitely looking forward towards doing the work.

Fiction Screen Play: Fiction is the fun stuff, excited to continue writing this script. I wont give many details on the script as i feel the concept is unique and a better writer could take it, develop the script and beat me to market. My purpose for writing this script is to improve my writing and learning about the production process, but i do hope to eventually sell it to netflix or another streaming service. The premise is Black Mirror-esque set approx 15 years in the future in a world not too dissimilar from our own. I'm spacing the story out across 16 one hour episodes, focusing on influencer culture taken to its extreme logical conclusion and what that means for society as a whole. shhhhhhh.... secrets

what do you think? Any recomendations?

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