Where do we go when there's nowhere left?

2년 전

I don't know if you heard the news but narrative has now sunsetted. What a pretty way to put it right? Sunset.

I love a good sunset.

I never really got very far on narrative to tell you the truth. I uploaded a few of the short stories that I posted on here. Some of the ones that I particularly liked. I got some love their but I did not spend as much effort as I might have.

That is probably due to the fact that I was dealing with all of the issues with my neck. Yes my hand issues are all actually neck issues apparently from an accident a long time ago that I did not think would still be affecting me after all this time.

that is neither here nor there. No matter what happens I want to get to meet you right. I may never be the next Stephen King my true happiness lies at the end of a story. It might not even be a big novel like everyone wants. You see, I love short stories and I always will.

People say that you can't make a living on short stories well some people have. I'm currently reading the complete collection of Edgar Allan Poe. Did you know that he only ever wrote one full length novel. On the other hand he wrote hundreds of stories that were only a couple of pages long. Like The Tell-Tale heart. Like the infamous Raven that I absolutely adore.

Those stories are works of pure genius.

So how can anyone say that short stories don't have value these days?

I don't know. However I can tell you that I really miss the period of time when we were writing short stories together on steemit.

I feel like it's unfortunate that when we published the two books on Amazon the works that I included or nowhere near my best.

I've been reviewing some of my works and I would say something like 90% of them are complete trash. Maybe even 98% or 99% of them. However at least 1% of them are really good.

I don't know if steemit is going to fail or not but I do know that it isn't really a short story site.

I don't know also if there are other sites that are better for posting short stories. I guess they don't need to be sites that pay. Many of these so-called cryptocurrency sites weren't actually going to pay anyway. How much are the coins that narrative gave out actually worth?

the point is that we have nowhere to go that I can see? I'm going to investigate it. It's true that I'm in constant pain and I don't know if I will be able to write the way that I used to. But I want to try. I'm able to write this on here because of my new phone. It's much better than the iPad I was using but not as comfortable as my computer was for writing.

I pop a couple gabapentin and drink a beer. You're probably not supposed to do that together but you know what it works a lot better that way.

I'd rather just drink green tea or coffee and right away write away.

doesn't work that way for me anymore though. I don't even know where I would write. I wish I did.

Emotionally speaking I don't know where to go.

however, physically speaking if you think of the internet as a physical place that is physically speaking I also don't know where to go and that's quite frustrating.

I hope that you and yours are doing quite well and I hope to write more on here now that I have finally figured out my password again.

Thanks for reading.

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I feel ya.. Hope you can manage your pain and find a place to write your best stuff..

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Good to see you again. Hopefully knowing the source of your hand issue can lead to a cure or mitigation of symptoms.

I had heard of Narrative but never checked it out. Projects do come and go.

Have you thought about having a Word Press site for your writings where you can place ads via Google and other ad networks, as well as promoting Amazon items and getting a commission by being their affiliate? There is a Steem Press project, I think I have that name right, where you can integrate a Word Press site with Steem. So your posts get short term earning potential in one week from Steem and longer term earnings via ads and affiliate programs.


I start physical therapy soon. They want me to go to 1/3 neurologist. 1/3. 8/3. A third neurologist. Had to manually spell that one out. Very frustrating using this dictation stuff. Any way they want me to see a3rd one but I don't think I can continue down that path. Although we know what the issue is there may be some muscular degeneration going on. I thought about the WordPress thing but it's very difficult for me to use the computer. It might even be a mistake to continue to try it's just so depressing to think that I'll never be able to write again I don't know what to do. Tell you the truth I've been drinking every day to deal with the pain and that's not the person that I want to be but at the same time I want to be a person that's able to live life and not just lay down in bed all day and without the alcohol I don't know how to make it work because I was literally depressing my nerves and stopping them from hurting.