Some beautiful places around Lake Toba

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Lake Toba is one of the largest lakes in Indonesia and in Southeast Asia and is ranked the two largest lakes in the world after Lake Victoria in Africa. Located in the province of North Sumatra, this lake holds millions of natural charm that will not run out to be explored.

History records that this lake is formed from a super volcano eruption. The lake is wide-eyed when seen along the coast. You will be amazed by the beauty of Lake Toba, the hills of rows that surround it and the volcanic island that is in the middle, the island of Samosir.

There are many reasons why you should spend time in Lake Toba, in addition to enjoying the charm; You are obliged to explore the surrounding attractions that are not less interesting. Here's the summary:

1. Enjoy the romantic side of Lake Toba: Sapo Juma Tongging Flower Garden

Sapo Juma is actually an inn on the edge of Lake Toba. A tranquil atmosphere with the beauty of Lake Toba is the thing that you will get.


Later the name Sapo Juma quite viral in social media, especially in instagram. This is not separated from the presence of beautiful flowers in the area Sapo Juma. Not a few visitors who took pictures in the location of the flower garden Sapo Juma.


Among the blooming flowers, there is already a path. So you can enjoy the flowers in close range or hunting photos there without damaging the existing plants.

2. Lake Toba clad in luxury: Cruise Ship Lake Toba

Since December 28, 2017, to get to Lake Toba can be reached by using cruise alias cruise. Cruise ship package to Lake Toba is a new package that worked with the Singapore government.


The yacht belonging to the Government of Samosir Regency is shaped like a traditional Batak house, complete with ornaments carved with a length of 21.5 meters and 7 meters wide. Uniquely, the structure is almost entirely made of wood!

For safety, do not worry because the ship is equipped with two lifeboats with a capacity of 20 people, safety buoys, fire extinguishers, and emergency redesign pointing devices. This ship also features a compass and GPS equipment to guide the direction and position of the ship.


There are two decks, the upper and lower open decks open while the upper deck is covered with a glass wall so it is more soundproof.

At the back of the upper deck, there is a balcony that can accommodate 12 people to sit back enjoying a breeze of Lake Toba or warm sunshine. Then in the front of the ship, there are two large statues of men dressed in customs like the manortor or dance.

And there are many more places to visit around this lake.thank you for visit, share and upvote. Follow me


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Beautiful pictures. I would to come and visit there.


Oo it is ok no problem brother.. Thank you

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