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"Hi. I called a few months ago before the virus thing. They said I could come and take whatever carpet scraps were in the dumpster. I use carpet in parts of the garden for weed control."

Obviously the man I was talking to now was not the man I talked to on the phone before. He immediately looked panic-stricken. If I could read his mind, 'My job could be in jeopardy if I let her do this. What if she gets hurt. This is a liability.'

"Don't worry I won't sue the company or anything if step on a nail or something. If you want I can sign something."

He almost smiled. Almost.

"Ok I have some scraps over here. They are new carpet trimmed at the job. They are all wet and heavy. As he begins to load them into the mini SUV.


"Wow. Thank you so much. The heck with the garden I'm going to redo the living room. ... Ha HA. Just joking. I would never use carpet in the house. Can never actually get it clean."

OMG. What am I saying to this poor man. He makes his living putting carpet in people's houses. And I am going to take these remnants of beautiful new carpet and put them in the garden.
But he keeps loading.

One of the pieces had a little dirt spot on it and he stops for minute as if it would not be acceptable, Ha Ha.

"Don't worry about the dirt. The okra and corn will love it.

He never really gave a full smile but my goodness he loaded the carpeting and then invited me back that there would be more like this in about two weeks. To feel free to come back.

I will bring him some corn and okra.

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