Busy Streets

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Busy Streets

Caught up in the hustle, we are all on a mission to get there first.

And though it should be healthy competition, it has turned into a fight.

In the end, there will only be one winner, so nobody's joking around here.

We are all ready to give it all in order to steal the show.

This stage was made for the brave, and now they rise up to the challenge.

An expectation-driven cycle that keeps repeating the past over and over.

As if it was meant to to be nothing but a constant reminder.

Designed meticulously and put in place so it can never be ignored.

And so, this city has its strategic way of keeping us all occupied.

Too stressed to make time, too busy to try and read between the lines.


The real purpose was to keep everyone hungry enough to easily forget.

Those rights we don't seem to appreciate enough because they're granted.

And since there is nothing that I need but don't have this beautiful day.

I might as well fall asleep peacefully, without a care about the others.

After all, there is always someone else to take care of the problem.

And then there is going to be someone else to return the favour.

But I'm sincerely worried about the day everyone adopts this attitude.

Because that day there won't be anyone left to care about me.

And that is going to be the day I will be forced to take responsibility.

Drowning in my regret because I didn't take action when they needed me.


But I do have the perfect excuse, and so does everyone else.

I was forced to live this life; my needs dictate my thoughts.

And then these thoughts take control of my life as they dictate my actions.

The world thinks that I should be the one in charge of this show.

But the truth is that I am nothing but a silent observer in the first row.

Watching the awe-inspiring drama without a completed script.

I can make predictions but somehow they are never correct.

And I haven't figured out yet why they let me in without a ticket.

They say that when a service is free, you are the product.

And I'm left here wondering whether my ID number is my barcode.

I appreciate your attention.

Original Content by @lordneroo, produced here
Images Taken From Pixabay.
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