Forgotten Freedom

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Forgotten Freedom

We are the ones to blame for everything we have lost along the way.

Always been ready to betray all we have been working for.

A moment of terror is more than enough to make the world go blind.

Reason is no longer the norm when your survival is on the line.

Or at least when you are so convincingly told so.

But is this the sort of life we were meant to live?

And is this really the life we want to live?

I am very much afraid we are collectively crossing a line here.

And once we reach the point of no return there's no turning back.

Is this the world we want to leave behind when our time comes?


It is no surprise that people admire the artform but hate the artist.

Those rebels with tortured souls fighting their demons.

If only the public knew more about their favourite artist's daily routine.

Or even worse, what goes on in their heads through the day.

Sometimes I think artists are modern day prophets.

Most of them can see the world for what it really is.

Which could explain why your favourite artist is most likely depressed.

Of course that's not always the case and there are exceptions.

Just like there is a lot of art out there nowadays that is not even... art.

And even though everyone is still free to think, it is an act of rebellion.


Are you obedient, or are you making too much noise and posing a threat?

Do you mind being watched and recorded all day long?

And if so, why is that? Are you plotting against the government?

Because this shouldn't be a problem at all if you have nothing to hide.

And you will certainly agree once we tell you that it's for your own good.

And then you will praise us and attack anyone who thinks otherwise.

The problem is only a fool has nothing to hide from the government.

Only a fool could blindly trust, and completely ignore the danger.

And so it is always lurking in the shadows, waiting for the big moment.

A monster that feeds off of fear, hatred and ignorance.

I appreciate your attention.

Original Content by @lordneroo, produced here.
Images Taken From Pixabay.
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