Purple Skies

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Purple Skies

Mother nature keeps the finest rewards for those who stay awake till late.

One of the miraculous ways of conveying the message of appreciation.

Because the law of sacrifice governs this beautiful realm we live in.

And all those willing to sacrifice their time deserve more without a doubt.

The heavens kept their promise and gifted us another astonishing sky.

Dressed in purple with the intention of making the world stop and stare.

Frankly we have all been running around for a very long time now.

A short break to take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty is necessary.

These days it seems that this is something most of us tend to forget.

So let's just be thankful for the heavens above watching over us.


It is unfortunately true that we need to be constantly reminded of this fact.

We weren't sent here to just work endless hours to achieve financial goals.

And I do realize that one's quality of life depends on this.

But most don't seem to realize that it also depends on our society.

Because whatever happens next to you will definitely affect you.

Even if you feel isolated or somehow distanced from the eye of the storm.

Be it good or bad, it will certainly manifest into your own reality as well.

A rule that cannot be broken; we will always need each other.

United we managed to make it here, united we will continue to thrive.

Our need of each other is enhanced by our common goal to move forward.


And it is more than obvious that there is no other way.

There is always someone who can't do what you can do with ease.

And that very same person is in need of your skill set and services.

This is the exact process that gave shape to the world as we know it.

This mysterious world of ours with all its wrongs and all its rights.

Like a story about all the secrets hidden and all the truths forgotten.

But as long as we remember that we have a duty to spread the truth.

And as long as the world is willing to listen and find out.

Then there will always be a beautiful sky to look at and find the courage.

And we will always keep doing everything we can to make sure it lasts.

I appreciate your attention.

Original Content by @lordneroo, produced here.
Images Taken From Pixabay.
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Effortlessly written. Appreciative.


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)