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When a man anticipates the dawn for a must beneficial appointment the night takes forever.Greg locked in his consciousness,awaits his alarm to ignite the melodious tone of a life changing business deal he had set on his telephone reminder.

"The clock paddles slowly today as the morning refuses to come",..he wondered.In all his wake the time is still far from the believable, yet he waits.Sleep obviously far from the eyes,and the eyes in all truth refuses to adhere to the laws of the mind.No doubt a troubled night,though a quiet night but the frequent hooting of an owl seem to interfere his anxiety... but in wait he must,as this date a positive reverse to his fortune.

Every man has his story but in Gregs,the past has not served rightly,dreams and the efforts has yielded lessons rather than results,but this anticipation is something worth every pamper,and this morning will give birth to that dream long wished for...he reminded himself.Eye sacks bulky with stress but could only steal sleep as the mind is trapped with wishes,but nature is superior in control to routines and time.Its essence seduces our will and calms the nerves,luring all entity to its call and its authority overwhelms the bravery we tend to display.

Greg could not defeat sleep,his waits and zeal retired to the non-negotiable design of natures might and he traveled down the isles of dreams,snoring off every portrayed strength and curdling his telephone between the pillows,..Morning came with a suffocated alarm,buzzing from beneath his thighs but far from the ears and space for rebound.Greg slept like a child, away from pain and sorrows...he slept on,to make up for the lost hours that his will cheated nature of....

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