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4년 전

Today @s0u1 and I met up with the @planetauto team to take a few cars for a spin.

More on that little jaunt later.

When we got home (at last), I had to get Skype sorted out and take a video conference-call with AuthorCraft International who hold a regular monthly meeting at the Institute of Directors in London.

In the call, I was asked how writers should expand their online presence and cultivate new and exciting platforms - especially those that can be monetised.

Of course, the reason I was invited to talk was because my good friend, Chris Day hosts the meetings.

He asked about my books by way of introduction, and then he asked about the crux of the call - the new platform for writers to get their works online, gain followers and possibly gain a little income while they're at it.

In all fairness to the writers and to the Steemit platform, I didn't pull punches.

"You will not make much money to begin with - it will take a while to get a following and start to earn any real money so do NOT look at the dollar signs when you're posting these blogs," I said (or words to that effect).

"So, it's like Wordpress," one guy said.

"No, not really. With Wordpress you write your blog and it sits there without anyone seeing it unless you share the address. With this, your followers see it on a list (Home), EVERYONE sees it as soon as it's published (New) and you have a couple more categories. You can also search by the tags".

A few were staggered at writing 1000 words per day.

Chris said, "Michelle, I'm right in saying you've become very disciplined in your writing now, because of this platform?"

"Yes, I write at least 5000 words per day now and then I go on to do my editing work in the afternoon."

MY point was made that if 1000 words per day is out of the question, then at least a few times per week, regular, quality-content blogs is what writers should be aiming for to start the foot on the Steemit Ladder.

Right at the end of the interview, I put forward the point that, You post on Facebook, Twitter and your blog and you don't make any money. Why not post on Steemit where there's a chance that you could?

Explaining Bitcoin, Crypto and Steem was going to be the most challenging thing to explain - I'd rather leave that to @ned or some other clever chap - certainly someone way better than I am at explaining crypto, fiat and the whole mining systems.

So, if you're up for it, I'm pretty sure I can get a time slot organised for a future AuthorCraft event.

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It's wonderful that you are talking about Steemti at these events!


The whole reason I was invited to talk this time was because it's all I talk about when speaking with Chris and I'm sure he thinks it would shut me up about it lol

It won't ;)


...little does he know!

Great topic

A jaunt indeed - Steemit has a platform like you've said with a primed audience eager for writings to melt into, and getting an audience on your own site or blog is a whole new ball game, enter SEO.


Oh yes, I still have a lot to learn on all this, but I'm listening as well as promoting and it's coming.