I found this 2 year old and found it rather pointed

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When I was a lad of 10, I asked my father what lies ahead. Will I be healthy, will I be wealthy and here’s what he said to me.
“Listen My dearest son, in this land as great as ours a man can be whatever he wants for this is the greatest land of all. If you work hard and save, you will create that which is wealth. If you live clean and well, you will live out all of your days full of Health.”
My father died when he was young, he didn’t get to see the end of the lie. Men worked 2 and 3 jobs just to get by. Our Country did fall by and by. Our Congress did indeed sellout, just like the Soviets when they fell. Money became the creed, only to honor of the greed.
If they were married as they often were, their wives to work, off they did go. Their children, forgotten at school, grew up without the teachings of their grandfathers, no honor did they have. They began lying and stealing, the smartest ones did not get caught. They thought that this made them clever, they thought that they were the best. Whatever they had to start was given to them from the sweat off the backs of their own fathers and their grandfathers, their mothers too did work all their lives through until they died. They lived off the misery of other men and their wealth grew as their own honor died. As they grew older they thought they were clever to buy what others could not. They learned not the toil of life instead they bought the honor of other men that paved their own way into success. What they lacked in skills they were able to buy from their wealth without responsibility and they behaved like the children they never were.
They grew into success building on lies made common. They grew in influence and their lies became fact with those they bought. When indeed they knew nothing about life, they bragged about all they had done and cheated in order to succeed. Into Congress they went ever expanding their greed and wealth. They passed laws with which to protect themselves from the laws of the common man and lied to make themselves feel.
They bought that which was free in order to fool both you and me. They peddled influence and made laws which were bought from others such as they. They ignored those they promised and obeyed only those that paid.
There was one who made two boasts one of which he seemed extremely proud. “Grab them by the PUSSY, they love that shit” he decried and all the time, he stated “people love me, I could shoot someone in Times Square and no one would care”. He became our President that year, and began an era that many wished we could forget. Many believed he is the way to equality, that he would heal our woes. What we got was only his not so poetic “Prose”. The promises he made he kept nary a one. He lied to our friends and called our allies “shit holes”. He brought shame to the greatest office in the World and has created the position of insignificance among our friends. He destroyed our public lands and poisoned the air that we breathe. All the time saying “See, they love me still”. His media and his news, paid for by his dearest friends, decry all that was lost as a benefit not a loss. All from a man to ashamed to use his given birth name handed down from a man not allowed to go home.
What once was an inspiration to the World has become nothing more than 1938 Germany. “Let’s build a GREAT WALL” was the saying. “I can really build a wall, I will even get this other country to pay for it” was this man’s battle cry while running for office. He certainly knew the words people wanted to hear to make them believe in “Making America Great Again” and for a while the people believed it. Now, they are too ashamed to admit they believed in the first place. They are ashamed because they believed that America would be better for them. What in actuality happened was it became better for the man’s friends and no one else. What once was “GREAT” is so no longer. And so everyone is to ashamed to even admit that America has gotten worse, worse for them and worse for the WORLD.

© 04/2018 Mitchell

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