A Word of Unuk My Husband

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A Word of Unuk My Husband

I say again. How many times have I told you? Never go back home at night. What are you actually doing? Is there in this world whose life only spends time outside? There is. He is you. What do you usually do out there? What is your job? Moving from home at seven in the morning, coming home at two o'clock in the evening. Just go home and eat and take a nap. What do you want?
When do you have time for your wife? When we were married, you promised to get me in a good way. But what are the results? I haven't felt it yet. We have lived together for five years. Only me and helpers take care of our children. Don't you miss your wife and child? How strong are you. I love you. But the more days, your behavior becomes more and more. What is my fault now when you are your life companion? Am I less beautiful?

Yes, right. I can't reduce my emotions when this happens. How can a wife like me work just waiting for the door at night. And I do it every day except Sunday night. Not because on Saturday night he came home early to spend time with his wife and children, but he didn't go home. When the Sunday of his homecoming schedule changed to six o'clock in the morning. As soon as he got home he immediately asked for food, and put all his dirty clothes on the bucket. After eating, he immediately fell asleep long. And the next day, the cycle returns. Depart at seven in the morning and go home at two in the evening.

I want to scold him, but not when a woman scolds a man. I remember once when he was pet. He said he promised to protect me, love me, and get me well. I miss when he had not become like this before. Exactly one year ago, our relationship was still fine. Where every morning I always make it a cup of hot tea, after warm tea I put down the water for bathing, after boiling water I make it for breakfast. After breakfast, he always said goodbye to me as I kissed his hand, followed by a sweet kiss on my forehead from him. I miss that time.

But all that changed when he was transferred to another office. Either in the office where he works. I did not know his job after he was transferred because he had never told me. What is clear, so far he is different. Rarely communicate with me. Maybe he has forgotten his wife and child.

He is my husband. I love him, but I'm hurt to see his behavior like that. I have no power if I have to be a wife like this. At night I had to stay up late to open the door when two o'clock in the evening my husband came home. My husband's expression when he came home was always unpleasant. When I went home, my husband went straight to the dining table to eat because the food was always there at night, then slept. While I waited for him to finish eating and then slept with him. Sometimes he also goes to the bathroom while carrying a pile of dirty clothes.

Yes, if he comes home at night to work for a living, but if he does something else? I will not know. No one works every day home at two in the evening. So what is my husband doing out there? My husband never told me anything. I was afraid to ask him.

Once upon a time I asked with great irritation, this happened at the beginning of my husband's early night home. "Why do you always go home at night?" But with annoyance my husband replied, "Returning home was immediately given a treat like this? You are my wife. You should know I came home late to work. Make money, make a living for you and our children. Remember that, "he said. Since then I have been afraid and no longer dare to ask about his work.

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