As Beautiful as White Paper

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Like wanting to reach a sparkling star far from the bottom of a wormhole, so it feels like I'm trying to find knowledge sheets. What is so impossible for a slum-like person like this, every day just wrestling with rocks, dust and gravel, and rain-like sweat pouring down from head to toe, every time awaiting hope that seemed to make the spirit almost disappear.

Batu Village, a village in the valley floor of the Flores interior which is very isolated from its name of technology, transportation and education. Every day the residents must go up and down the hill just to get drops of water. For parents there education is not an important thing they should think about for their children and maybe they also don't know what education is. Being able to live until tomorrow is already a very good and very proud thing. There is no day without work and no day they know to study.

"Beta O Ina, the beta aspiration of a teacher, someday beta will teach a lot of knowledge to children here, so we won't be left in the depths of the valley again", every night before returning to the meeting, I always set it in my heart hope tomorrow there is a bright hope coming. Even though we lived away from the crowds, but that did not necessarily make me want to be left behind too, I heard news about schools in the city and about how the people there could be successful from an uncle, my father's friend who occasionally visited here. At that time it was as if I saw hope like a bright light coming out of a hill rock, how could education make this person advanced?

Uncle Ori, his name is a 40-year-old man who often visits home, is friendly, wise and patient, he is a teacher. Every story he brings from the city always opens my horizons, I also want to feel like this can be educated like him. The uncle had promised me that one day he would teach me if I had free time, it seemed like I couldn't wait until that moment arrived.

Chicken crows woke up the dawn, morning with thick fog, cool air and the smell of trees alternating with the characteristic smell of rocks. A bright morning atmosphere in the village of Batu, as usual everyone has woken up from the beginning, preparing to continue living climbing hills around the valley, trying to find water trails that can be accommodated and looking for fruit and food to cook, because it seems not yet there was one stove that was rising from houses neatly arranged on the slope.

Not wanting to lose to the cocky crows that were so excited, I began to move, trying to wake up, preparing equipment to look for food, firewood and water on the hill. "When this activity can change with other activities, it feels like this is all I can do every day, thinking about the stomach, stomach and stomach, can't I just think about science or lessons once as Uncle Ori tells?" My mouth muttered to himself , only the breeze heard the grumble, my eyes were soaked, feeling useless because the wind could not answer, I made a step forward. It seems like everyone has gone to the hills, I can't be late otherwise I can be alone in the foothills of a heavily forested hill.

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the life is hard so u have to hope to continue :)