Treachery and love... The vicissitudes of virtual love. Chapter 5

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Chapter 5. Magic dream

Unbeknownst to himself, he dozed off and had an unusual, exciting dream...

Pelagia, with her red hair down to her waist, was running with her arms outstretched across a meadow full of bright, fragrant flowers with large, multicolored butterflies fluttering above them. She ran toward the rainbow.

Maxim barely kept up with her, afraid to fall behind and lose sight of this extraordinary girl. When the rainbow was very close, suddenly, out of nowhere, a strong squally wind came, whirling the leaves torn from the trees and bushes... The sky, which had been blue with light fluffy clouds, was immediately covered with gray–black clouds. It was as dark as night...

Maxim noticed with fright that Pelageya had disappeared, as if she had been blown away by this wind. There were sharp sounds, like the trill of a bell, and the young man, opening his eyes, rose abruptly.

The room was dark. He seemed to have been in bed for a long time. The sounds that had woken him were coming from a mobile phone lying on the table next to his laptop. Maxim picked it up. – Slavka Called. Maybe he found something.

Automatically pressing the answer button, max looked at the monitor – but there was nothing new To see.

– Hello, – he said, – and the tube immediately exploded with a howl of indignation from the Warbler.

– How many calls can I make? – Why did you take so long to answer?

– Calm down, I'm sorry, I just accidentally fell asleep and did not immediately hear the call, - Maxim said apologetically, - did you find out something?

And, forestalling a counter question from his friend, he said at once:

– I was unfortunately unable to contact Pelagia. She didn't send me an email, and she doesn't appear online. Tell me what news you have.

– I, too, have not managed to achieve success, - with a sigh of regret Slavka replied – your girlfriend uses some special technique to protect her SOFTWARE, I have not yet managed to get one iota closer to her network. It's becoming a point of honor for me – I won't rest until I can hack into her computer. Try to arrange a double date with her, though.

– Okay, well, I'll leave her a message now, and maybe she'll read it tonight and give me an answer. Goodnight! - Maxim said goodbye to his friend, to which Slavka gave a sad laugh in response:

– Of course, will fall asleep with you..., – he said, and then hung up.

Maxim sent a letter to Pelagia, put himself in order and went to bed with the hope of falling back into the dream from which Slavka had so abruptly and at the wrong time snatched him.

To be continued...

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