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I have decided to reward some content with Steem Delagations, now originally I expected more people interested and so I would chose 5 winners, you can check out the original details of the competition here. So instead I have decided I will give both these posts a 50 steem delegation each that will last 1 month.

I am not doing it purely because these are the only posts, but its because these posts are of a high quality, both have spent clearly a lot of time and effort into these posts and deserve the reward, if the posts were not of what I just stated then I wouldn't consider giving a delegation to them.

These are the two posts and winners: - submitted by @methus

This post features a piece or bar of silver picked up by methus and they go on a small description about the coin and how they found it at their local shop, they added some reaserch into the company that made it and the other art designs it made.

I love things like this, antiques and quirky objects. They have a small story about them and you always learn something from even just looking at the object itself, that silver bar would have been very popular when it was made and now its unique to society. It also stirs discussion with other interested individuals into when it was made and events surrounding its manufacture, and discussion is always great as shown by the comments of the post. - submitted by @blueeyes8960

This is a fictional story centered around a nightmare or a memory from a nasty encounter she had days previous, it was a post part of a competition mentioned on her post, essentially its a timed writing challenge which encourages creativity or increased writers flow. I've always admired writers, because although it might not seem very demanding it takes a lot of willpower and determination just to sit down every day and dedicate yourself to it. I have written some fictional stories and haven't had the discipline to stick at it.

Emotionally this story and maybe the way it was written allows for a frantic and fast paced energy to envelope you. The feelings of the woman who is experiencing the pain and torture of her own mind really come through in what is a very simple piece of writing. I really love even though its such a short and fasted pace piece it doesn't lose itself, it is understandable. Although i'm not sure how she would have experienced those events after she passed out, or did she imagine it?

Anyways thanks for sharing these posts here are your 50 SP delegation each, if you enjoyed this or want to take part in the next one, let me know!

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Thank you for the SP delegation and the kind words. It's hard to build a following when you start out, so a little bit of recognition feels nice. You have a very good way with words yourself and obviously put a lot of thought into your curation. The effort you put forth in this endeavour to help others is much appreciated!

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