"Deadly Target" chapter 6


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17 July 2019

New morning.
Commissar woke quite early. First he did some exercise, he did some push-ups that he didn't do yesterday. Then a large glass of water followed by a shower. After taking a bath, getting dressed, he brewed coffee and made breakfast – chopped fruit, roasted raspberry jam in toast.
After breakfast he grabbed the phone. When he found the car keys, he rushed outside. As he sits into an old Honda car, his cellphone rings. A colleague reported having knowledge of the owner of those fingers.
"Great. I will arrive as soon as possible."
He interrupted the conversation. He dropped the phone on an adjacent black cloth seat. He earned the engine, moved off the bench.
First he went to the three-story state forensic medicine building, the outside of which reigned white color, elongated windows. He parked the car near the building and rushed to Crescent. He hurried and had already undergone an autopsy – As he entered the office, Philip saw the lungs of the murderer lying on a pallet around which the fluid was expanding. The scent was not smelled by the commissar, but he was used to similar nasal smells.
"As I suspected he was poisoned by potassium cyanide." said Crescent. "By evening he was fasting. He drank only wine and whiskey. In the latter, the poison was mixed."
"He was poisoned like his partner."
"Only with much faster action poisons."
It has already become clear to Philip that despite the year difference, deaths can be linked. The sentiment was reinforced by the message: both poisoned, albeit with different poisons.
After saying goodbye to Crescent, he went to the Vilnius District Prosecutor's Office at Rinktinės Street in the same place where the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Lithuania is located. Leaving the car at a nearby parking lot, he hurried inside the building. He was escorted to the prosecutor Antanas Šurkevičius. Left alone, exchanged courtesy; Philip explained to him what had happened, what had come. He was heard by the prosecutor in silence and occasionally nodding. When the Commissioner finished speaking he was silent for a moment.
"I understand where you're turning. Your feeling is rarely ever confirmed."
"I know I'm not mistaken."
"Maybe." the prosecutor agreed. "But you yourself understand that no judge will resume an investigation into August Daboravičius' murder without real evidence. And you don't have any."
"I understand, but ..."
"Listen," Antanas interrupted Philip. "There is no evidence yet. The killings of both men are almost seven years old. Does not match a month, a day of murder. Even the mode of poisoning."
He raised his hand after noticing that Philip wanted to add something.
"I will not risk facing a judge just by relying on your wits, no matter how good this is." the prosecutor continued. "So you better find some evidence or just investigate the poisoning of Nautar Tumenavičius."
He waved to the door, realizing the conversation was over.

Alexander woke up lying next to Silvia.
"Good morning." Silvia looked at him.
"Good morning." He smiled and kissed her.
His gaze shimmered again as he remembered what had happened yesterday.
For some time the two got lazy. After that, they knocked themselves out of bed. He asked her to go for a bath first, while he arranged the bedding himself. When she gives up the bathroom, took a bath and returned to find her already dressed. Silvia waited until he got dressed too. Together they left the room. On the stairs they met her brother. After greeting, they went downstairs to make breakfast. Then noticed that the dining room table is already covered. From the kitchen appeared Nerita in her hand carrying a coffee pot. She had risen for them before, having already prepared a meal.
"Ma." Daniel touched her shoulder. "There was no need. We would be ready ourselves."
"No need." Nerita smiled. "Everything is ready. I feel good. Waking up I decided to make breakfast.
"Are you really all right?" Silvia looked at her mother questioningly.
"Undoubtedly. Come on, let's sit down at the table."
They sat down at the table together. They waited for Nerita poured coffee, then they too poured it in they cups. As Alexander lifted the cup to his lips, Silvia's mother wondered how he felt.
"All right." Alexander sipped coffee.
"Good thing you stayed overnight." Silvia touched his hand. She turned to his brother and blinked.
"Daniel," Nerita turned to the son. "Have you already told Sofia about his death?"
Daniel nodded.
"I'm sure she has already informed Lucrecia."
"Well then..." His mother said and stood up. "I'll drive to the office."
"Really?" Silvia glared at her mother. "Feeling good?"
"Of course." She spat on her daughter. "I have no desire to shed tears on this."
She said goodbye and left the dining room. She grabbed her handbag and rushed out of the house.

Alexander's parents, his brother sitting at the breakfast table, were not eating very well. Still could not forget the image of the dead Nautaras Tumanavičius. And the news is that he was poisoned like Silvia's father.
"I don't understand." David spoke. "Why did someone need to kill that man?"
"Son" sipping coffee, Algirdas sighed. "Neither I nor your mother understand. Somehow your brother understands that."
"Wondering how they all feel after yesterday?" David was interested.
"Who knows..." Told Barbara.

Philip drove to the commissariat. Hurrying to the office, he saw a colleague waiting for him. The latter was in no hurry to speak. He only said hello to the Commissioner and waited for him to sit behind the table.
"It took a while, but we already know who owns those cut fingers."
"Two days ago was killed a man in Suderve Catholic Cemetery. He worked as a cemetery guard." A colleague put a folder in front of him. "According to the documents sent, this one died of a blow to the head. The expert thinks it might have been stoned."
"His fingers cut when he died? Before that?"
"Already dead. Experts just can't tell you exactly what tool they cut."
The question in Philip's head was why someone had cut his fingers as a gift to Mrs. Nerita? And who had to kill the cemetery guard at all?
He remembered forgetting to ask Crescent when it would be possible to give the remains to his relatives. Asked a colleague to wait. A crooked leg he called Crescent. He said that now that the cause of death is clear, the body could be passed on to loved ones. The grateful Commissioner ended the conversation. Sitting beside the phone, he asked a colleague standing in front of him to arrange the transfer of his body. And he decided to go and talk to his ex-wife, Sofia which, as far as Nerita's son said retained her husband's last name.
After leaving the commissariat, he drove to the apartment block numbered seventh in Chiune Sugihara street. Driving in, he saw a half-red, half-white seven-story apartment building. More precisely, eight floors if we read the parking on the ground floor. As far as I can see from the address, Nautaras former one lives on one of the upper floors. The car parked across the street and got off outside. He looked across the street, he walked to the stairway door and dialed Sofia's apartment number on the telephone door. There were several signals waiting.
Who is it?
He introduced himself. The woman, who had instructed the elevator to rise to the top floor, let it inside the stairwell. The elevator went up; on his way out, he was greeted by Sofia, who was lounging by the elevator. When she woke up to follow, they both crossed the threshold to the apartment where he followed her to the living room. She waited until he sat on an old wooden chair, somehow reminding him of one of two thrones. Sitting in her chair in front of him, the woman wondered if he wanted anything.
"No thank you."
"Then will you wait?" She inquired. "Just I was steeming the tea. I'm going to fetch."
As he nodded, she scrambled to the kitchen. Returned carrying a large cup. She sat back down, sipping a steaming drink.
"How do I understand you went to talk about Nautaras death?" She asked, placing a cup on the table.
"That's right."
"What are you waiting for? Ask what you want."
"As I understand it, Mrs. Nerita's son has already informed you."
Sophia confirmed this, adding she had already informed her daughter.
"She should return from Switzerland in the near future."
"Do you know what could have happened to your ex-husband's wish for death?" He looked at her intently.
The woman's eyes widened slightly.
"Consequently, I understood Daniel correctly. He was poisoned?"
"With potassium cyanide."
She sighed, leaning back in her armchair. He repeated the question.
"Except me who was deceived by that woman and for whom we divorced I have no idea what could have poisoned him.
"What about your daughter? Maybe she would remember something?"
"Lucrecia?" she was a bit surprised. "I doubt it. Although you will be able to ask her when she returns to the capital with Leon. And I don't know anymore how I can help you."
He wondered what she was doing tonight when Nerita's birthday was going on.
"Understandable." She stood up. "I was here at my house. And no, I was alone."
He wondered what she was doing the night before.
"I spent the second half of the day at the mall. I bought a cosmetic, a new handbag, a book in a bookstore. She pulled out of the room. Upon returning daddy gave him a check in front of his eyes.
"Well, if you're wondering, I spent the last night before alone."
He looked at the receipts.
"All right, but you still don't have an alibi."
She laughed.
"For me in exactly the same way what you think. I seem to have said everything you wanted to know."
Sophia stepped closer to him.
"I will repeat - you can talk to Lukrecia and Leon when they return."
Without further ado, she found a leaflet and a pen. She wrote it and put it in place. She handed the leaflet to the Commissioner.
"Here is the address and last name of the daughter's lover. They are living together. Now please leave."
Realizing that he knew nothing more, she got up from her chair. He pushed the leaf into his pocket and said goodbye. He pulled to the door.
"You know the way." when he crossed the threshold, a woman said.
She closed the apartment door. Philip stepped toward the silver-colored elevator door. Pressed the button.

That night, when Lucrecia told Leon what her mother had said, he had been in her arms for a while.
"How well do you feel?" Leon asked.
"All right." There was no desire to shed tears at all. "Need to load items."
"Yes, you're right." He kissed her forehead. "Get started. In the meantime, I'm going to the reception to let us know that we're checking out."
Lucrecia nodded and pulled out his suitcases under the bed. She laid on his bed, unbuttoned them. She felt a little surprised that her father had died, just didn't feel upset. He cheated on her mother, she remembered. Associated with that woman he divorced with wife. The irony of fate is that his mistress later abandoned him for a model fit her to the sons.
Unlike her mother, she did not forgive her father, refused to communicate with him. She once remembered saying that he did not want to have anything to do with the family disruptor. Behold, he received his reward. Let him be forgiven by a higher power. Taking a deep breath, she turned to the closet, opened the door. She started to load our clothes and Leon's suitcases. He did it in a hurry, nicely folding them. When Leon returned, she was put together only a part of them.
"Check-out is all right." He came to her. "I paid the bill."
"What about the flight?"
"Promised to find the nearest flight and book tickets. Should report yet."
Both went silent. Leon helped her finish loading everything in her suitcases without even thinking about sleeping because they were already spilled.
There was no need to wait long – called from the front desk and told them they had booked their flight tickets around 4 in the morning. They would land at Vilnius airport around half past nine in the morning. The caller asked if it was okay.
"Of course it fits." Leon said. "Feel free to call us for a taxi. Immediately we go to the airport."
He interrupted the conversation, looked at Lucrecia. He was told they are leaving Zurich this morning. Understandably, she called her mother, who had not yet fallen asleep. She was informed that she would fly to Vilnius early in the morning. Sophia wanted to meet them, but Lukrecia said it wasn't really necessary.
When they were told that taxis were waiting for them, they left the apartment. Accompanied by clerks-in-staff suitcases, they landed at the front desk, where they both put their signatures on the final check-out. She came in first in the taxi, and Leon helped the clerks load things in the taxi trunk. As he got inside, he was taken to the airport by the driver.
After a while, they were already seated on a plane waiting for takeoff. They fastened the belts. The flight attendants, along with the stewardesses, took the briefing and eventually fired into the air at the runway.
The flight took several hours. Just after eight in the morning he landed at Vilnius airport. Lucrecia and Leon left the aircraft along with other passengers. After leaving the building, he took his suitcases and found a free taxi, then loaded the suitcases in the trunk. The taxi driver asked where to take him.
"Sixteen to Miežių street." replied Leon.
The driver turned the key. When the engine was heard, entered the destination and drove off. After about half an hour, the taxi enters the entrance and stops near the sixteenth staircase. Leon gets off and hurries to luggage carrier. Lucrecia pays, goes wild, thanksgiving closes the door. Leon takes his suitcases with him, both turning towards the stairs. Meanwhile, the car reverses and drives away. Once on the staircase, they ascend to the second floor. Turns the door marked five. Leon scratches his pocket and finds the keys to unlock the door; comes in. He handed her the keys and brought suitcases to the apartment. Lucrecia closed, locked the door.
Both felt tired. So they decided to get some sleep. Just before that, she sent a message to her mother informing them that they had already flown to the capital. When he got the answer, he followed Leon to the bedroom.

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