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During one night in field it fried of the paradise of the bear, his paradise which they were calling it the twinkle, it was located in the zone of the territory of Alaska, in this mystical place and millennium isolated from the scope of the man it was the earthly kingdom of the Bear, name of his leader was Calimba as his king, it had two I dare, but it had controversy in his people, since they all were polar bears and one of his children was half-caste, it was a Bear who Norton called it and his brother Krowar, the peace was supported until the bear king died, the dispute of the people of the twinkle was who was going to be his next king, but the descendant of the dead king, only some were a pup, but a bad move of the brother of the king, the fact is that it convinces his people to exile half-caste son, making it desolated in grounds distant next to the man, so that this one was finishing with his life and this way his brother Krowar was raising the throne.

the poor pup Lies I dare desolated in distant grounds, already several days walking without course, this one faints for his very sublime depletion, following days it is thought by a few hunters of bears of a tribe, that it was next to the place, two hunters it raises his weapon to finish with this small beast but, they did not have the value to kill her, decided to take her where his tribe was to, so that the big boss was deciding that it was going to be with his destination. After one week of viaja the poor pup survives so distant way, on having come to the village of the hunters, the people of the tribe began to shout for the arrival of the hunters, but disturbed for seeing that they were bringing to an alive bear, the pup is taken to the shop of the big boss of the hunters, this it looks at it and his eagle that sees his all begins to become in a bad mood, but it looks at it in some of his eye and sees that it is not an equal bear it is special, and that has an intention in this life and that excuses to him the life, that flagstone gods of the Mother Nature was guiding it to breed to this mystical bear, the big boss says to him that sometimes his best friend is his enemy and if the gods placed it in his way it is for an intention

After a few years the small pup, already it was a big bear raised by hunters, certainly also a very skilful hunter turned with his friends of the tribe, some of that day the big boss takes it to him to a hill where you speak with the gods, it is accompanied only by the eagle that protects the big boss, after a long trip they come to his destination in a hill, where the whole vale is seen and there is lagoon where they all big rock that covers it have the drawing of his forefathers, the half-caste bear remains astonished to see this place, the big boss lights a bonfire and begins to invoke his forefathers, every time his voice does to itself echo and loses with the wind, the eagle begins to fly about him, more and more loudly until the bonfire turns into a flame azula very big and the eagle gets into her and transforms in another big Indian boss, turns out to be that he was a forefather of this one, that his present is an eagle, asks him on the destination of this bear, the mystical spirit speaks with the bear, the bear speaks to him and one surprises that he can speak to him.

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The mystical boss says to him that it has to expire with his destination, it brings it over to the lagoon and shows him everything events and that has a brother, and that his uncle was who took the throne from his father, that's why exiled it removing of his brother for being the half-caste one and he says to him that your name is Norton, debit faces your destination, suddenly the mystic of the spirit of the Indian boss, the eagle turns to turn, the half-caste bear gets up in his two legs and fierce outcry, the big boss begins to dance about the bear, says to him that my eagle sees for your destination he will guide you.

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This way his destination guided by the eagle was fulfilled, after bear came to his people all that the ve they are white and not, it begins the others to re-put against the intrusive, this bear says to him that of real blood, and the others say to him that it already has king, it takes it to where the king is, the king is surprised to see to his alive nephew, to side of him this his brother, who still does not know that he is his brother, the half-caste bear says to him that I am the legitimate son of Calimba the only king of this ground of bears, begins the conflict the king faker, followers say to him to his that it should attack the half-caste one, this bear asks his brother Krowar, this one doubts, but his uncle shouts him that it had left it in a distant forest so that he was dying, realizes the fact goes to where his half-caste brother is, the two challenge his uncle to a duel as part of his tradition, this one accepts that alone debit to fight one, the half-caste bear accepts the duel, this duel is very tough, it is hurt very seriously to the half-caste one one of his claws hurts him, remaining a lame person, but pure age simulation to be able to defeat his uncle, until it achieves it to gain all the local bears he inclines with his legitimate king.

In spite of so many passage, our brave half-caste bear, it calls his brother, in that his uncle attacks neglected him his big cause hurt in his neck, but his brother faces it, but the one who defends them they are all the bears of his people taking care of the half-caste king, who dies instantaneously for the attack of several bears, the hurt king calls his brother Krowar, so that it assumes the throne that corresponds to him, this one is sad of knowing that it has a brother who dies, brother is not afraid of the honor of our father it has been raised by honor, I am that I die and die happy that I have a brother white bear as the legend of my father.

Your brother Krowar gained access the throne, but it gave the honors to his brother as the whole king.


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