Holy Triangle of STEEM - Create, Comment, Curate!


I know that we have discussed millions of times, but I still have a feeling that it doesn't reach everyone that needs to get this. :) Anyway, these 3 things are the most important for your living and earning on STEEM or any other tribe here... And I will try to show you why these 3 things can't work separately... Let's break things down...


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I'm an Author, I don't need to comment or curate other posts!

I have bad news for you... You need to do all 3 things... Why?

Okay... You have written your super-duper post and got a few upvotes in the first few minutes... Someone commented on your post, and you are happy... After a day or two, you have done the same, and the result was the same... And you continued like that for some time, but the results are always the same... Why there is no growth?

Well, when someone upvotes and comments your post, usually expect to receive at least some response from the author... So, I will suggest you to ALWAYS post a reply on the comments and if you are in a position to upvote the comment, do so! By doing that, you will get happy viewers/readers who will come again to your posts and probably follow your account. And it will costs you only a few seconds or minutes to say "thanks" or respond to something else.

I'm commenter, I don't need to write post or curate other posts!

Actually, comments on STEEM are already counted as post, so you are writing posts :) Jokes aside, commenting can be a good source of income, but very rarely more profitable than writing posts...

For being serious on the platform you should build your brand and your image... Without posting your followers have no meaning and practically you can't grow your account... And regarding curation, you should upvote at least comments that you are replying to or whatever you find useful... Nobody likes leechers...

I'm curator, I don't need to write posts or comment!

You have a chunk of staked STEEM (or certain tokens) and the value of your upvote is more than decent... You CAN only curate posts, but the problem is the same as with "only commenting"... You will grow your token (or steem) balance, that's true, but you will not grow your followers base and network connections... And that's the point of this social network! You are missing the point!

STEEM and Tribes, in general, are ALL-IN-ONE package and if you want to build your brand and grow your account you have to do the all 3 CCC stuff (Create, Comment, Curate)!


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You are absolutely right, this is the case ... Very good information to comment on and create @ph1102


Thanks a lot! Now, back to work! :)

This is so so true. Great breakdown of what the few of us in our tribe repeat constantly in our every day work. It's really about building relationships & your brand at the same time. Any successful business offline needs this to thrive as well.

Great post Zoltan! Resteemed & upvoted. Have an amazing day & sending pixie dust your way. ✨🧚💗

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Thanks for your great comment and pixie dust. I appreciate it! :)

And you were one of my "examples to follow" with your everyday engagement and building... So, THANK YOU!


Wow I am touched. Thank you! We will just keep crushing it here & help as many people as possible. 🧚✨

Have an amazing day! 💗🙌

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I'm new here but from what I've seen it's pretty much like you say. Plus, it's no fun if you don't interact and join into other people's creation.

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Oh, yes... I agree with you 100%... There is no fun if you are not making a new connections with the people who think like you!

Interesting - I'm still trying to figure out how Steemit works. This makes sense to do all 3!


In a nutshell, it doesn't matter how it works... There are a zillion things connected with STEEM and how it works, but the point is always getting back to these 3 things! So, if you are doing creating, commenting and upvoting, you are on the right path!
Thanks for the comment!

I like the way you frame it as a holy triangle. I totally agree. I get it that some people that busy and may not always have time to comment but they should at least make time once a week to spread a little bit of love in the form of comments because otherwise it's just downright Road full stop it is a social platform and there is no getting around that fact full stop and sure I appreciate that people want to make money but there is more to the place than this and I do think constant reminders I have a good thing xx

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Thanks for your comment! And, yes... It's not so easy to take your time for all 3 things every day... But, your suggestion sounds great... Commenting at least once a week ( I would say 2-3 times at least) and spread your appreciation to the commenters on your posts and, of course, comment on other great posts out there!

You are making this point in a really great way @ph1102, and I like that triangle, you do need all 3 and they all reinforce and strenghten each other and that is how you grow and continue to grow.

Stay Awesome!

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That's right! To grow, you have to create stuff, be grateful to have others who are following you and appreciate others' work by commenting on their stuff and upvoting them! Doing that we as a community are getting stronger and bigger!



Thanks @ph1102 for delivering such a symbolic post. Triangles are a geometric shape that gives power and direction. Your use of a triangle pointing up hits that mark! The "pinnacle of success" that encourages us to move upwards, together.


The only way is UP! :) Thanks for your comment and you are also doing great! Keep up the good work!

That is a really great explanation for why we need all 3 C's to succeed @ph1102, and a great help for all the new people in CTPtalk and Steem, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

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Thanks for picking my post as awesome! and thanks for the manual upvote!


Thanks @ph1102, it deserves to be highlighted, stay awesome.


Thank you! I hope that it will help you on your journey!

You are absolutely right, this is the case ... Very good information to comment on and create ph1102

Hello @ph1102, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


Thank you so much for upvoting my blog post! I appreciate it!