Platforms Guidelines: Pick A Topic Get Paid Update



As related to our post the other day here we needed to clarify some more info regarding what we meant by our "Get Paid To Write!" post.

We recommend the following to have the best chance of getting our attention and getting paid:

  • Create only high-quality professional blogs, videos, images, graphics etc.
  • The article must be at least 450-1000 + words in length.
  • If there are instructions w/ the particular subject, please follow the instructions and task-specific details. ( at the moment we just have general topics )
  • Original content only. Plagiarism will get you banned.

How much are you going to be paid?

Also, we are going to do a Best Offer (meaning we’ll let you know what we can pay for the article) and you can choose to accept or deny the offer. Our goal is to have the offer be at least 5 SBD or the Steem equivalence. If you are a Whaleshares user we’ll give you your payment in WLS too. As of right now, the rate for a post for Whaleshares users is 50 WLS.

It is reasonable for you to judge your posts and if you think your post won’t get more than what we offer than it would be best to go with us. Some other criteria of what we decide are who you are (reputation on both Steem and Whaleshares) can up the value and if you are a dedicated member to Platforms.

What Are The Steps To Do This?

Pick a topic of either business, sports, or crypto related to write a post about. More topics are coming soon.

Step 1:

Go to All writings should be put into and link sent to the admins in the Platforms discord server.

Step 2:

Start writing into the HackMD and send us the link in our discord DM to SteemItQA or JGlake. You’ll find us there.

Step 3:

We will review it and let you know if we want to buy it ( Either for SBD/WLS) and for how much we would offer. Typically, in 48 hours, but can take longer. The article becomes our property and you cannot post it on your main account. If we don’t buy it you can go ahead and post like any other day.

That is it! We hope to enable people to get paid to write good content and of course establish a connection with you, our community!

DO NOT Forget to Vote for the Platforms Witness On WhaleShares!

Head to the Block Producer / Witness page to use your witness votes. To vote click on the upvote symbol (^) next to the names of the witnesses you wish to vote for (ours is platformswitness), next enter your private active or owner key to confirm your vote.
Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Interesting model. Have you been getting a lot of submissions?


Thanks, @josephsavage. We've had numerous inquiries and have had 2 submissions and both will be bought.

The idea is if you already writing a blog piece and if you feel you won't get what you think you deserve you can run it by the Platforms team. There is no guarantee we'll pick it up , but hey you never know! :)

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Thanks again @pennsif !

Still too confusing. Too many presumptions made by your team.

Ease of use....

This does not qualify in my mind.

  ·  작년

Why do you think it is too confusing and how do you think we could make it easier?


Hi @taskmaster4450 , thanks for the feedback and dropping into our discord.

Hopefully, can answer a few of your questions there. Thank you!

✅ Enjoy the vote! For more amazing content, please follow @themadcurator for a chance to receive more free votes!