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Social media becomes the stage for everyone to show its existence. Starting from what is eaten, think, to personal feelings, all we can display in social media. Although our social media accounts are privately owned but what we display there can be public consumption. It's important to pay attention to what we post in social media. Small carelessness can jeopardize our work, relationships and identity. Launched in the Reader's Diggest page, here are 11 things we should not post in social media.

1. Boarding pass

Telling everyone about travel plans through social media may seem harmless. However, posting a boarding pass photo on social media should be avoided. According to Brian Krebs, founder of the website, posting photos of boarding passes and frequent flyer cards can make passenger data recordings scattered. The bad guys out there can hack and access travel data, phone numbers, birth dates, even passport data. Based on the number on the ticket, the criminals can also find out when we go and come back. Knowing that no one at home can attract thieves to break into a home.

2. Money

Posting photos of pay slips, credit cards and piles of cash just cause trouble. In addition to showing bad taste, it also makes us easy targets to be robbed. Also stay away from photos or information that provide financial information such as the name of the bank where to save.

3. Lottery ticket winning

If you get lucky to win a lottery ticket, try not to show it off. Posting a lottery ticket that has brought you luck, will only bring the risk of crime. The hackers could just replicate the barcode on the lottery ticket and steal.

4. Secret office

It is wise to keep the details of work from social media, especially when it comes to classified documents. Posting a grievance or photo complaint during a meeting with a client just shows an unintelligent side.

5. Birth certificate

Posting identity information on social media is the same as removing it or giving it away for free in bad guys. This also applies to postings about birth certificate photographs. Having a newborn may make you eager to announce it to everyone. However, this actually makes your baby at risk of identity theft and fraud. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, letting these government documents fall into the hands of foreigners can cause permanent damage. Birth certificates are considered "basic document identification" and can give you new Social Security cards, passports, and driver's license.

6. Jobs that are not protected by copyright

You may be proud of the work you have made. However, if your work has not been published officially, it is not a good idea to post it on social media. Moreover, if the work wants you to participate in the competition.

7. Photos of little children

Posting photos of smiling faces does not seem to be a problem, but it's better to think twice before posting photos of minors on social media. In some countries it's even legally regulated about these child photo uploads.

8. Photos when drunk

As a rule of thumb, do not post anything online that you do not want to see in the company where we want to work. Page reports that photographs while holding a beer may no longer be as big a problem as it once was. But, posting a photo many times that shows you being drunk will make a bad first impression. Of course it can kill your chances to get a new job. To be sure, corporate leaders will not normally tolerate a worker's photo showing the use of illegal drugs and racial insults. Even if the max is a joke, other people will still take it seriously.

9. Things that smelled of politics

In this uncertain political climate, there are more political posts than ever before. And, participate post or share the post is harmful. There are laws that regulate freedom of expression. However, we must also keep in mind there are laws on information and electronic transactions that govern our boundaries in opinion.

10. Announcement of others

When a friend or relative shares happy news with you - such as news about his pregnancy - do not just post this on social media, even if your goal is to congratulate him. Wait until the people involved actually announce the news through their social media accounts. If he never posted the news on social media, it does not mean they forgot. Maybe there's a personal reason they did not pass it on.

11. Photos of others

Posting photos of other people's work on social media, just as you violate the social media platform's service requirements and, more importantly, the law, if we claim it as our work or without its consent.

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