Fun weekend activities with MEUDRAT group

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Good afternoon steemian friend ...
How about this afternoon, healthy right?


Sunday 13 May 2018 was a great day with the group @meudrat, with our MEUDART friends that day making the gathering event with fresh fish. This fish is really fresh, because the fish we get from the new fishermen back from the sea.

Started with communication through the Whatsaap group, as usual we joked there with group friends. Two days before we planned to meet to discuss the continued development of our group, finally on Sunday, May 13, 2018 our plan was accomplished.

The event we made on the beach where we live, is located on the coast of Kuala Raja, Kuala Bireuen District, Aceh. Kuala Raja Beach is a place that has been used as one of the tourist attractions in Bireuen district, with visitors who are quite crowded, especially we make a grilled fish event on the weekend to the month of Ramadan, of course more crowded than usual.


Kuala Raja Beach is a tourist destination for young people, although as a tourist spot, local customs and culture make Kuala Kings Beach stay awake and become the object of Islamic tourism in the district dubbed as the City of Santri it. The beauty of Kuala Raja Beach becomes a place for local tourists Bireuen enjoy holidays with family and relatives, so the afternoon atmosphere at Kuala King Beach seems to turn into a sea of ​​people.

To enter this place you are charged Rp. 5,000 per person. Kuala Raja Bireuen Beach has a beautiful and interesting natural beauty to be enjoyed, a playground for children makes this beach is very crowded visited by the community. The brownish sandy beach will welcome tourists when they arrive at Kuala Raja Beach. The long and sloping coastline is also a distinct phenomenon that can be enjoyed.

With the sunny weather we enjoy the beautiful ocean scenery with a cozy atmosphere and the cool sea breeze made us feel at home there. Does not taste fish cooked and ready to eat.

That is our journey at the end of pecan yesterday, what about your end pecan? It would be fun right?

I just heard from friends @donkeypong is a kind person, hopefully he likes my post this

This post is submitted using thank to busy team and @fabien

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