Novel review : Peerless Martial God 8.3/10 (绝世武神)

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Peerless Martial God(无极剑神) is a novel from Chinese author Jing Wu Hen 净无痕.
You can find English translations on totallyinsanetranlation and alice translations, the link will be at the end of the post.

Young student who had honest life was tricked and false framed for a crime and lost his life but got transferred to cultivators world and got second life to live and not to believe all. He started as a trash who was at bottom of cultivation strength but he had multiply summons and his growth speed is abnormal fast, his road to become top cultivator begins.

Now let's move on to my rating:

Easiness of reading: 8/10 (yeasy to read and after 100 chaps u are addicted)
Amount of chapters: 9/10 with potential of 10/10 (Currently there are ~731chapters translated to english out of 2500 in Chinese)
Details of the world: 8/10 (cultivation world with alchemy,magic,power )
Romance aspect: 7/10 (harem style)
Fun aspect: 8.5/10 (pretty decent novel in cultivation genre and many fights like every few chaps so its interesting to read)

Overall, my rating is 8.3 , with potential to easy have 9 - This novel is very good for cultivation fans and easy to read and follow. I suggest you to try first 100 chaps and then u will be addicted as im. Main hero is not weakling so he is taking all revenges and fight to the death. And main this 2500 chaps is amazing amount u can read for months every day for hours.


Novel in English:

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