Death is not the Opposite of Life

3년 전

Haruki Murakami once said, "Death is not the opposite of life, it is a part of it." Our tomorrows are not promised, so focus on things that will make your stay in this world worthwhile. Though death can be daunting, what dies inside us while we live is much scarier. Knowing this, we can now make adjustments and align our lives to a greater purpose.

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We die a little each day because of the poor choices we make in our lives. We easily let go of our passions and cling on the things that doesn't give us satisfaction and happiness. Life is much much more than what we see, feel and think. So live life to the fullest, ignite your passion and treasure each passing moment. We only have a single opportunity to make an impact in this world. There's no re-take, only one chance to make things right.

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Live your life wholeheartedly, with purpose and perseverance. We may face tribulations and different struggles in life, that's a given, but we should rise above it and learn to see the beauty of all the things life has to offer. Learn to embrace the fullness of life and find happiness and satisfaction within yourself.

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So, go on and #LiveIT! :)


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