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Word Exercise [Spoon, Tick, Snowflake, Protest, Random, Help, Happy, Leaf, Machine, Kid]

“Hey Champ, what are you doing?” I called out to the kid who seemed to be running around at random.

“Catchin’ snowflakes, Mister!” she called back.

“Snowflakes? With a spoon?”

“Yessir!” Came her delighted reply.

‘Who am I to judge?’ I asked myself. ‘She seems happy and, given her squeals of delight, she’s a snowflake catching machine.’

“Do you need any help?” I asked, a little envious of her care-free nature.

“Sure! I won’t protest!” She answered, stopping abruptly afterward. “Wait! You’ll need a spoon too!”

“Just a tick.” I said, already walking over to a vendor who’d been watching. Now spoon-in-hand, I took a leaf from the girl’s book and got down to the business of rushing snowflake-to-snowflake through the park.

And now the final batch of Inktober sketches.

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