The Thing About Addiction: The Solution Is Empathy!

2개월 전

I've suffered from addiction to several drugs that have not only pissed all over my life, but also on the lives of the ones I love the most. I've already lost two of my closest friends to opiates. You'd think that would be the wake-up call, right?

Not really. Not at all, in fact.

Addiction isn't some fragile, independent piece of lavish human trait. Nor is it some sort of "yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhbitch-I-totally-chose-it-all-by-myself-cuz-it-totally-reflects-my-personality-omg"" kinda lifestyle choice that can be ended with a cold turkey. Remember the story of the blind man and the elephant? It's a lot like that. We only consider addiction to be a physiological phenomenon---something that can be controlled and "eradicated" physically.

Well, evidence suggests that it's actually childhood traumas that have strong correlations with addiction in one's adult life.

Look guys, if someone close to you who is addicted to hard drugs is making a complete fool of themselves in the middle of the road, confront them (constructively. don't...fucking punch them in the face and call them shit.) If you can't think of any methods yourself, research!

And all you folks, especially those of you who help out to the best of your abilities, all the while juggling work and responsibilities, be it out of love or and empathy or your relationship with them or common fucking decency. Fucking thank you.*

tl;dr : addiction borne from trauma. so don't be a dick and, instead try to fucking empathize a little with an addict's life for a change, you goddamned fuckjunkie!

PS: This is absolutely not directed towards (particularly responsible) #shroomheads and other kinds of #psychonauts, but rather for those of us who are completely entrapped by the constant need for commonly abused drugs such as opioids, opiates, benzodiazepines, fentanyl and other terrifying chemicals straight from the devil's psychotropic, poisonous, pharmaceutical semen, in general.


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