The Cat (Short Story)

3년 전

Good night,Steemians! Tonight I am back with a short story. It's so short because is for a contest I entered. I hope you like it.

Your comments are well received.

The Cat



I was so high that I didn’t care about nothing. I couldn’t understand why I was acting like an idiot, but I think that it was just the pot I was smoking. And then, the little cat just appeared from nowhere. I didn’t see him; I just heard the bang in the front part of the car. I felt my heart stop. I got nervous and my partner just looked at me freaked out. Quickly, I got out of the car, and fell on my knees, I just saw him, bleeding; his bones broken.

  • What have you done?

  • It was not my fault. I didn't mean to hurt him.

  • Look at your hands! They’re bleeding.

  • It’s not my blood –I said sobbing.

I left him on the pavement, closed my eyes and started to move around. I was acting like I was a madman. Suddenly I heard someone knocking at my window.

  • Sr, are you ok?
My nerves woke up again. Where was I? Where was my car? Why was I in a white room?

  • Where’s the cat? I killed the cat!
  • There’s no cat. Animals are not allowed here.

Thanks for reading!

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Good luck, @snowy-june.
Sure your cat surprises more than one.


Thank you so much, @ramhei.textual.

Good story, @snowy-june. Surprising ending. Good luck!


Thank you! I hope you liked it.